Ok, Steven Tyler isn’t quitting Aerosmith

Courtesy: Spinner

Don’t write those Aerosmith obits yet. After tons of media reports in recent days about the legendary Boston rockers heading to splitsville, mainly fueled by guitarist Joe Perry, the guitarist and singer Steven Tyler reunited, appropriately, onstage.

At a Joe Perry Project concert in New York City on Tuesday night, Tyler made a dramatic return to the Aerosmith fold, joining Perry for the Aerosmith classic ‘Walk This Way.’ According to reports, before the song, Tyler let everyone know he was still the lead singer of Aerosmith. It was a very public end to an equally public spat, which stemmed mainly from several canceled dates this summer due to injuries Tyler sustained.

The pair have also disagreed publicly over which direction to take the band musically, with Perry telling Rolling Stone when he listens to 2001’s ‘Just Push Play, “Sometimes I listen to that record and I’m not sure it’s my band. All I want to do is make a record that sounds like Aerosmith.” That was obviously fueled by a summer of frustration, as when Spinner spoke with Perry in April of this year he was very excited by the new stuff. “We have all this material and because we’ve been playing a lot, everybody’s chops are at the top of their game, especially at the end of the tour. After a little rest, that’s really the prime time for a band to record, and not having to worry about writing a bunch of songs as well, I’m kind of excited to see how that’ll turn out,” he said.

Tyler has said he wants to work on “Brand Tyler,” so when we’ll hear new music or see more dates remains to be determined. But Aerosmith fans everywhere can breathe easier tonight and the media can turn to the next band drama.

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  • Sherry

    Whew! Yaayy!!!! Still wishing to see Aerosmith live…….