You Need To Know: Did You Mean Australia?

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Who: Did You Mean Australia?dyma
Cincinnati, Ohio
Deathcore [Death Metal/Hardcore]
For Fans of:
Salt The Wound, The Analyst
Currently Playing: 2-Song Demo [2009]
LISTEN: “Harbinger of Death”

[audio: Harbinger of Death.mp3]

To kick off this new UTG feature, I thought we’d change things up from some grandiose indie act or tongue-in-cheek pop punk band and go straight for the steel coated jugular of rock and roll that is Deathcore. Now, I know it’s a bit of a stretch to think the majority of our readers are too into the hardcore scene, but for those who are: Meet your new best friends.

Formed in 2007, then following the general 83484234324 member changes small bands go through, finally [or currently] settled on a final line-up during Fall 2008. Since then, the group has been writing, recording, and melting faces wherever they can play. I had heard very little of the group prior to receiving their email and honestly overlooked it for a few days, but given their strange name, I was drawn in….And then blown the crap away.

It’s hard to really explain what took place inside my mind and body when I put the band’s two song demo onto the staff computer, but I know one thing: I was rocked to my core. The ferocity of both “The Descendant” and “Harbinger of Death” is enough to make even the most vicious beast enter the fetal position. Through an impenetrable wall of double-bass, swirling/chugging guitars, and the vocals that nearly made my throat sore, you hear the sound of a band that’s not only found the sound that will carry them onto bigger and better things, but you can also hear how well crafted that sound already has become.

Personally, I’ve not seen the group, but given the large number of clips on Youtube from both the band and people seeing them, I would advise anyone attending one of their future shows to bring a helmet and a set [or two] of safety pads because you’re walking into a flurry of metal few up and coming groups ever create.

This is not a band to lump into the bottomless pit of “heavy” up and comers, but rather the undiscovered gem of the deathcore scene. Watch out metal scene; you’re about to be shaken to your core.


-James Shotwell

James Shotwell

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