Westboro Baptist Church Protest All Time Low [Video]

The Westboror Baptist Church protested last night’s All Time Low concert. A video from one of the group’s members has surfaced on the internet. It can be seen below:

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  • people use to say KISS was the devil. people need to get a life seriously this makes me laugh.

  • Hayley (All Time Low’s biggest fan)

    Seriously, Have you actually seen that band live? Listened to their music? Talked to them as people even?
    No, you have not.
    They’re nice guys, they’re not ‘gay enablers’ or whatever it is you’re calling them. They don’t tell anyone what to believe or what is right or wrong, they only promote tolerance.
    They accept EVERYONE for who they are, not who they fall in love with. It really isn’t your place to protest their concert, when they’ve worked as hard as they have to achieve this dream.
    I’m sorry that you are too ignorant to realize that not everything that some one says or does it pro or anti something.
    Furthermore, what did protesting them achieve? You all stood out in the cold yelling at a bunch of people who weren’t listening to the things you saying because they were to concerned with the fact that they were finally getting to see a bunch of people that inspire them.
    I really don’t think you understand or realize that not everyone shares the same beliefs as you do, and even if they don’t believe the same stuff you do they are not sinners, they are not going to hell. They are no more wrong or right than you all are for what you believe.
    So what they were raised to tolerate people with difference, and you weren’t. That’s what makes each person special, and there own individual personalities are shaped by their differences, so to not tolerate them just makes you look like a jerk.
    Plus if god really does exist why on earth would he create homosexuals or people of other races, if they were all against his ideals, why would they exist.
    Protesting All Time Low, seems like a waist of time, since it clearly didn’t accomplish anything so far, and it will continue to have the same non-productive effect it has.
    I and everyone who attended the show will continue to support them because All Time Low fans aren’t going to abandon these guys over a bunch of baloney some religious group is saying about people they don’t even know anything about.
    These guys are really nice, genuine people and don’t deserve to be protested over things they may or may not believe. All the things you’ve called them out for you have no proof of so you shouldn’t be running your mouths.

  • Elijah

    you all are idiots

  • CJ

    Okay, seriously. Fuck you assholes.

    I HATE All Time Low with a flamming passion and can’t stand their music. But seriously?! They are just 4 young guys making music and a living. Don’t you people have anything better to do?

    I dare you to show your faces at a show I’m attending in Philladelphia, it won’t be pretty. But Let me guess, god hates me too?

  • Daryth Davey

    Dear World,

    I’m sure God doesn’t hate you. I love homosexual people. Go have sex with boys.