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Who: Colours Origin: Dallas, TX
Genre: Rock/Indie
For Fans of:
The Fall of Troy, The Sound of Animals Fighting
Currently Playing: Alive & Well EP
LISTEN: “Colorful”
[audio: Colorful.mp3]

Colours, hailing from Dallas, TX,  is the brainchild of founding members [and best friends] Phillip and Rico. By mixing together modern alternative rock, with a heaping dose of sugary pop and the ingenuity of indie acts such as MuteMath and As Tall As Lions, this pairing are preparing to take on the world with their brand new EP, Alive and Well.

When I first received Alive & Well I was a bit cautious to put it on as the record had come into my possession after about three solid weeks of hearing and reading hype about the band from friends in the music industry. However, by the time “Camera Click,” the lead track, reached its chorus, I was sold. What may seem at face value as little more than a indie take on pop acts like The Rocket Summer or The Summer Set is actually much more emotionally intricate than most would assume. The heartfelt lyrics on tracks like “Colorful” and “You Got Lucky” will hit home with anyone raised admiring the likes of Lloyd Dobler and other iconic teen film characters. It’s written to tap you at your pop music loving core and it succeeds on nearly every level.

Colours is a big city band with small town sensibilities wrapped in a music ball of honesty and teen confusion by two best friends with something to share that needs to be heard by today’s music scene. As is obvious on even the first listen to the Alive & Well EP, these guys surely have more than enough heart and talent to make it. Here’s hoping the masses pay attention.


-James Shotwell

James Shotwell

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  • hey phillip, just read review and am so happy for ya’ll. THis must really be exciting for you!!!! best of luck and hope to see you soon. Jamie thought I would not like your music but it is amazing sorry it took so long for me to become a fam. See, you can even reach the oldies but goodie croud LOL!!!!!!

  • Thanks for the info, it was really useful. I agree with central ideas and look forward to seeing what you post next.

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