Interview: We Came As Romans

In early January, James was lucky enough to be given the opportunity to send a few questions to up and coming heavy rockers We Came as Romans. Below you can see said questions and the answers as given by Joshua Moore [guitar].
UTG: Hey guys, hope you are all doing well. Let’s start things simple – how have the holidays treated you this year?

WCAR: The holidays were awesome. We had been on the road basically for three months prior to the holidays, so seeing our families and getting that break was perfect.

UTG: Any resolutions as a band for 2010?

WCAR: Just to never stop working hard. We got to where we are by working super hard, as well as EVR, TKO, and Outerloop working really hard with us. We don’t want that work ethic to ever end.

UTG: 2009 was a pretty ridiculous year, following the late 08 release of your EP you signed with Equal vision and put out To Plant a Seed. How, if at all, did the process of making music change for you in 2009?

WCAR: While writing To Plant A Seed, I just felt like we needed to make the music more cohesive as a whole, than we did on the Dreams EP. It was still written the same way, just with a bigger goal in mind.

UTG: Let’s talk about the record, there’s a lot of references to the title and what most can probably guess it means, but would you care to shed a little light on some of the thematic elements to the record?

WCAR: The theme to the whole album is really conveyed in the title. It’s about taking all the things our band is about (loving others, respecting others, bettering yourself, helping better others), and acting them out. Showing others those things and hopefully they will follow those actions.

UTG: Having two full time vocalists is a dynamic that has worked for multiple bands in the past decade, but seems to still be a bit of a rarity due to the need for creative cohesiveness for the songwriting process to work. How does the construction of a WCAR song work?

WCAR: All the music is written and re-written until a final draft is ready. Then a set of lyrics that’s theme is best represented by the dynamic of the music is chosen, and then the vocal melodies are written.

UTG: In the writing process, do you try to make room for both vocalists in every track or is that not a factor?

WCAR: We don’t really force anything, just whatever we come up with usually works and Joey Sturgis definitely helps!

UTG: Many bands today get hounded by so-called “musical purists” about their use of autotune. What are your views on it in both recording and live settings?

WCAR: Many people who listen to music don’t understand the differences between auto-tuning, graph tuning, and vocoders. They think that all those things are just synonymous with each other. So before any “musical purists” make their judgments, or before anyone does, they should understand the differences. In recording, if auto-tuning fits your music and it’s something you want, then use it. And if it’s in your recordings, your live music should replicate that.

UTG: Speaking of judgmental music fans, are you aware of the site:

WCAR: Of course we are :) but it doesn’t really phase me. For every fan we gain, goal we accomplish, and CD we sell, there will always be someone there to say we don’t deserve it, we should break up, or any other negative thing. I’m pretty ok with that. For every person to hate on us, I just feel like we’re achieving that much more success.

UTG: Every band, person, company, etc. is going to have someone against it, but your band is unique in the fact this website exists. How as a young band do you handle this kind of aggression/distaste for you and your art?

WCAR: [see above]

UTG: If you could speak to the owner, what would you say?

WCAR: Being an original member, I can say whole heartedly that we have worked for everything we have achieved. If you don’t like us, it’s cool man, I won’t argue a matter of opinion. My band working hard is a fact though. I’ve been there personally to see it all.

UTG: Moving on to a lighter note, what plans do you have for 2010 so far [that you’re allowed to announce?]I understand your album just came out, but it seems as the digital age and likewise piracy become more and more a factor in the industry, bands are releasing more music in shorter time frames. Are you a band that continuously writes or do you prefer to wait until you have time dedicated to making a record/recording?

WCAR: I’m always writing, no matter what we’re doing. Touring, recording, or off time, I love to write. We plan on touring almost all of 2010.

UTG: Before we let you go, as a new signed band, your obviously still connected to your local scene. What are some bands you enjoy that you think the industry/scene as a whole have been missing out on?

WCAR: Not from our local scene, but one of my favorites is an unsigned band from Georgia called Ocean Is Theory. They are phenomenal.

UTG: Finally, we like to leave you room to make a closing statement. Are there any thoughts you’d like to share that perhaps we didn’t ask about? This can be serious or funny. This is your space:

WCAR: Just come see us at a show! Pick up our CD! Read the lyrics and hopefully understand our message :)

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