Review: Carnifex – Hell Chose Me

Artist: Carnifex
Album: Hell Chose Me
Genre: Deathcore
Label: Victory

When it comes to deathcore, once you’ve heard one admirable album you’ve basically heard all the genre has to offer. There are legions of bands following the perpetual and all familiar formulas that we’re all used to, leaving them to fall into a cookie-cutter sound. Although, San Diego’s, Carnifex may not break any new ground they have certainly taken a step in the right direction on their third studio album, Hell Chose Me. They are setting out to prove there is still hope in a seemingly dying trend. Musically and artistically they are taking a darker approach and the shock value of their album art alone was enough to turn heads and build anticipation for their newest release.

Kicking it off with the title track, “Hell Chose Me,” drummer Shawn Cameron, delivers some of themost impressive vigorous double bass work known to the genre while paired with a wrath of blast beats. A deathcore album doesn’t feel complete without the, all too common, trademark of breakdowns and if you’re a fan, Hell Chose Me, won’t dissapoint. It’s filled with heart stopping, slow lumbering breakdown beats, sure to make you want to hit the pit.

A plethora of bands are only capable of perfecting one level of vocals but Scott Lewis is impressively versitile and hits lows, mids, and high registered raspy screams and lower death gutteral growls with ease. As far as his craft on a lyrical stand, they have yet to be released but after picking up the line from “Dead Archetype,” “First I’ll slit your throat and let you bleed out, then I’ll use a knife to cut your eyes out,” something tells me they aren’t discussing a peaceful evening of baking crumpets with their grandma.

After being hit with pounding drums, shrieking vocals, razor-sharp riffs and an all around ferocious demeanor, especially found in “Entombed Monarch,” the opening bars of, “Heartless,” give you a second to take a breather and embrace a soothing acoustic-driven instsrumental section. But don’t be fooled, midway through you’re unexpectidly welcomed back into the brutality they are known for.
Carnifex has never had a problem with getting noticed. Since the release of their second studio album, The Disease and the Poisoned, they have made a name for themselves and even landed the 19th spot on the infamous Billboard Top Heatseekers Chart. Evolving their talent, Hell Chose Me, is stronger than its predecessor and that just tells me they are about to have a good year. Hell Chose Me, will be available Februray 16th on Victory Records. Be sure to pick up the record and catch them on the Atticus Metal Tour II featuring, Unearth, Veil Of Maya, Stick To Your Guns, and The Ghost Inside beginning March 5th..

Score: 7.5/10
Review written by: Nerissa Judd

James Shotwell

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  • Kevin B

    That’s some pretty evil shit there! I would rather have Heaven chosing me than hell chosing me. lol

  • Jason F

    kevin B is a fucking turd….Anyways this album is fucking brutal. I’m a huge Deathcore fan and have been waiting to hear something new from Carnifex since the day after I heard The Diseased and the Poisoned. Simply amazing brutal riffs + sick blast beating + BRUTAL breakdowns = The best deathcore album i’ve heard since Acacia Strains Continent. You gotta get this fucking album.

  • Leanne

    This album is deathcore at it’s best I agree with jason you have to get this album, more brutal makes it that much better

  • thor

    great review

  • Nijel

    This album was surprisingly very good!

    I’m a huge fan of their first album, “Dead in My Arms” but was slightly let down by “The Diseased And The Poisoned”.

    It’s good to know Victory Records doesn’t progressively ruin *every* band they sign! :)

  • Poisoned

    Personally i think they sound like JFAC or some other band of the archetype on this album.
    I seriously thought it was heavy, but not enjoyable, the guitar playing is good but it sounds pretty bland. Drums are top notch though as well as the vocals. But that doesnt necessarily mean a good enjoyable album to some people.
    I really think that TDAP is better than HCM, it had a sound that made it theirs.