Review: Walking With Strangers – Buried, Dead and Done

Artist: Walking With Strangers
Album: Buried, Dead & Done
Genre: Metalcore
Label: Snapping Fingers, Snapping Necks

Making a name for yourself in the modern heavy underground music scene is basically impossible. Due to the avalanche of cookie cutter acts spawned through the ease of self promotion of social networking via sites like Myspace and the rise of programs like Garageband, anyone with a microphone and five minutes of tutorials with any music editing software can be a “metal” band. While I am more than grateful for the rise of the digital age, there is something to be said for how this seemingly endless onslaught of generic heavy acts is deterring potential fans from truly talented artists such as Sweden’s Walking With Strangers. Having just released their debut EP Buried, Dead & Done on the young Snapping Fingers, Snapping Necks Records, this young five piece has a lot of work cut out for them. However, if there work ethic is anywhere near as great as their skill, it won’t be long until they’re everywhere.

Instead of welcoming us into a heavy record with some atmospheric noise overly techno synth work, a brutal growl begins demanding your attention before even a full second has passed on Buried, Dead & Done. Following some by the numbers breakdown [and some eventual atmospheric noise], we’re thrust into the single ready track “The Provider” which boasts a tale of a night on the town, under the influence, chasing the devil in a dress. It’s chug-filled, but packing riffs that simply destroy when coupled with the near relentless double bass drum work.

Following in the footsteps of “The Provider,” “Buried, Dead & Done” continues the heavy chug-riff-chug style of the group, but adds a soaring hook reminiscent of In Fear and Faith and just as catchy before “Lost” comes in to beat us into submission through an almost nonstop barrage of triplets and wails. This is the first point on the record I feel we see the true lyrical extent of the band as we dive into image, evolution of character, and more. Yet, no matter how deep they get, Walking With Strangers always keeps the heavy first and foremost as even the bridge of “Lost” comes complete with screams more throat wounding than 80% of mainstream metal today.

The EP finally comes to a close with the perfectly named, “Unforgiving.” Apologize all you want for not knowing about this band before now, but this track will still destroy you. Completing the mecca of all things metal with the addition of a large amount of intricate guitar work, solos, and gang vocals, Walking With Strangers leave you not only on a high note, but also gasping for breath and soaked in your own sweat from being unable to resist a private throwdown while listening.

Buried, Dead & Doneplays with an intensity that lets the listener know to expect much, much more from Walking With Strangers. By finding just the right amount of hook to balance out the heavy, these young Swedish rockers have laid perfect groundwork for what assuredly will be a long and heavy career in the music industry and I simply cannot wait to see what they do next!

Score: 8.5/10
Review written by: James Shotwell

James Shotwell

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