Mindy White has decided to leave Lydia

A message from Mindy White herself;

“I’m writing to announce something that seems to have been slowly circling around the last few weeks. To those who’ve been wondering; I am, in fact, parting ways from Lydia. I have to say how INCREDIBLY hard this is for me to do. It feels more like losing my own child than just an occupation, but when you have such a passion for something and the path you’re on to pursue that is filled with difficult obstacles, or has no heart behind it, you have to question it. I must say that there are no hurt feelings between the band and I. Those guys are like my brothers and honestly, I can’t wait to see the things they will go on to do.

I am GENUINELY sorry to those friends who might be upset about this, but please do understand that it’s something I merely have to do at this time. I hope you can moreso go on to support this decision and know that you guys are the only reason I’ve even made it this long. I can also assure you that I am not, by any means, done playing music! I guess everything eventually runs it’s course, and for me with Lydia, that time has come.”

I love you all more than I can even explain.

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