Under The Gun Review & Dance Party Massacre Clothing Present: Building a Better Scene Vol. 3

As a thank you for supporting us for the past two years, Under The Gun Review has teamed up with our friends at Dance Party Massacre Clothing to bring you the third installment of our Building a Better Scene series!



Rock, Pop, Hardcore, Folk, Hip Hop, Metal – They’re all here!

Track list:

1. “Death By Fire” – Therefore I Am [Equal Vison Records]

2. “Dreaming” – Man Overboard [Panic Records]

3. “Colleen” – Treaty of Paris

4. “Say Something Freestyle” – Jimmy Hustle

5. “Colorful” – Colours

6. “Hold Yr Breath” – 1997 [Victory Records]

7. “Ferdinandea” – The Fireship

8. “Girl At The Top” – The Loventures

9. “Saving [Upside Down]” – The City Walk

10. “Combo Meals and Steering Wheels” – Sweet Hollow Drive

11. “Make This Real” – Rescue Aurora

12. “Doom & Gloom” – The Appreciation Post

13. “Melrose Diner” – The Wonder Years [No Sleep Records]

14. “Standing” – Mark Rose

15. “LetsBSTogether” – Mansions [Doghouse Records]

16. “Big Black Soul” – Nigel Silverthorn

17. “I Have No Answers” – From Indian Lakes

18. “The Rescue” – The Coming Weak

19. “One Foot In The Game” – Jamie’s Elsewhere [Victory Records]

20. “Hell To Pay” – Saraph

21. “Rediscovering Letters” – Attack The City [District Kills Records]

22. “SOS” – Create Avoid

23. “I Smoke Fools Like You On The B-Ball Court” – World in Arms

24. “Unforgiving” – Walking With Strangers [Snappin’ Fingers, Snappin’ Necks Records]

25. “Ode To Logan” – No Bragging Rights

26. “Don’t Flush Me pt. 2” [DEMO!] – Nemes

27. “Will I Be Ready” [REMIX] – Chris Jane ft. Dole Pacino

Please be sure to support these artists if you like what you hear!

James Shotwell

James Shotwell is the founder of Under The Gun Review. He loves writing about music and movies almost as much as he loves his two fat cats. He's also the co-founder of Antique Records and the Marketing Coordinator for Haulix. You should probably follow him on Twitter.

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  • DeAnna

    This is great. Also, thanks for including Nigel. That’s awesome. =]

  • HOMESICK EP BY NIGEL SILVERTHORN AVAILABLE ON ITUNES!! if you liked Big Black Soul you will love Homesick!!

  • Jonesy

    Loventures is on here! awesomeeee!

  • christie

    Girl at the top by loventures is so great :]

  • james thanks for gettin nemes and sweet hollow drive on there

  • myspace.com/alotlikebirds
    theres a link to download they’re whole album for free!

  • Great mix! cant stop replaying it haha