Tonight on Red Bull Bedroom Jam: We Are The Ocean & Lecarla (Live)

**5pm Monday 22nd March*
*Interview: We Are The Ocean*
*Bedroom Jam Band: Lecarla (Playing Live)**

*We Are The Ocean Talk Music, Download & Missing Band Members*

The boys from WATO joined Goldierocks and Richie T on the sofa, and told them just how it felt to headline the Red Bull Bedroom Jam Stage at Download 2009,

“It was amazing. Because we were headlining we clashed with Go:Audio, Trivium and Def Leppard and so we were worried no one would show up, but the tent filled out nicely and it was a great show. Our only tip would be not to pass out. One of the band passed out both nights we were there. He only really wanted to see Slipknot and managed to miss them because he passed out…”

They also scored points in the How Rock N Roll Are You? Test telling of the time they left singer Dan in Norwich… “They left me in Norwich after a show, in November, in just a T-shirt and shorts!I think I’d gone to get some food and I came back and all the vans had gone and the venue had closed up. I was on my own without a phone and so I found a phone box and called my girlfriend. I think she called the rest of the band and gave them a right b*llocking down the phone, and told them to come back and pick me up!”

*Lecarla Play Live On The Sixth Bedroom Jam Live Show Of 2010*

Lecarla are made up of Lizzy Dent, Hannah Whitmarsh, Joe Alfano, Nikki Brightman and Steve North. Iron Maidens’ Bruce Dickinson described them as “A nifty cross between Paramore, and Bullet For My Valentine” apparently, so that bodes well for their live show!

They sent us this message, “We are so excited about the live show next Monday!!! We honestly can’t thank you guys enough for your continuous support, and for getting us to the top of the chart this week.

“Hopefully after watching our Bedroom Jam you will be spurred on to continue supporting us throughout the rest of the competition! It’s been a really intense week trying to hold our number one spot, and we can honestly say we are so chuffed about getting this opportunity to play!

“Now we are through to the Festival Chart, we have joined some great bands in the race for the chance to play at Download, and even though we are all fighting it out for that number 1 spot again, it’s been really nice to see some positive comments thrown around between bands.

“People should expect a sweaty and energetic performance next week, with some catchy riffs and melodies that will get stuck in your head… and before you know it, you will be singing them in the shower! Much love – Lecarla!!!” Watch the show live from 5pm Monday 22nd March at, plus get online now to see Machine Head, Feeder, Bullet For My Valentine, Lacuna Coil and Hadouken’s appearances in Episodes 1-5

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