Attack! Attack! [still] hate Austin Carlile

Attack! Attack! Made TWO blogs today about Austin Carlile. If anyone still cares, you can read excerpts below. One has been taken down, but the second on is still viewable HERE.

From the initial blog:

Boys and Girls,

We are here to address the new rumor that Austin is back in AA!.

I would first like to point out that it would be the coldest day in hell for him to get back in our band.

To clear this whole thing up, we’ll start with the history.

Someday Came Suddenly –

We recorded SCS with Joey Sturgis in July of 2008 WITH Austin doing vocals.

September 11th, 2008 –

We left Ohio with Austin in the band to go on our first tour ever, the Rise Records tour.

(3) Three weeks later, we left him in a dark parking lot in Salt Lake City, Utah. He sat there and cried like a little girl while we drove away from him.


Austin would repeatedly claim that we were a “Christian” band on stage WHILE BEING COMPLETELY DRUNK AND CONTINUING TO DRINK ON STAGE.

He abused his prescription medications, drank heavily, and slept with anything that crossed his path. He is an egotistical maniac, and an arrogant jerk.

We gave him everything. We gave him a family, our homes, our money, our love. And all he did in return was throw it all back in our faces. He personally went out of his way to ruin Caleb’s life on tour because Caleb tried to tell Austin that what he was doing was messed up.

I can sit here all day and name off under age girls that he’s slept with, people he’s screwed over, stolen from, lied to, and used for his own selfish purposes.

Austin made our band?!

Austin almost destroyed our band. The only reason we are where we’re at right now, is because all of us had the drive to push through all of that horse-shit, and do something with our lives.

I can speak for everyone in the band when I say that all of the rest of the dudes in Of Mice are some of the greatest people we have ever met. We love each and every single one of them.

We also love all of OUR loyal fans that have stuck with us through all of the drama, and all of the shit, because you all know that there has to be a good reason for Austin’s “departure.”

I can’t describe how stoked we are that this can finally come to light.

Austin, I know you’re reading this.

No Respect.

AND THE REST OF THE BAND – Attack Attack!”

Later, this post was removed and this was put up instead:

Hello boys and girls.

This is the deal behind the blog, and why it’s been taken down.

When the band and I sat down and they dictated to me what we all wanted to say. We did so knowing that the blog was only going to be up until tonight.

It’s not being taken down because we’re sorry, because anyone asked, or because it’s not the truth. It IS the truth, and all of our fans deserve to know what happened.

For those of you who asked why this didn’t come out when it happened. The answer is very, very simple. We didn’t want to drag down Of Mice and Men with Austin. We absolutely love all of the rest of those guys, and we wouldn’t ever want them to be affected more by him.

The blog went up because ever since October of 2008, people have been asking us non-stop “What happened to Austin?”

Now you all know.

Also, I’m gonna answer a question/statement that I’ve seen a lot.

We are NOT a christian band. I don’t even know how many times we’ve said it, but we aren’t.

“But your lyrics have some christian meanings in them?”
AND? People write lyrics about murdering, but that doesn’t mean they are murderers.

We’re a freaking band guys. We’re normal dudes that just so happen to play some music. We have a good time, and a lot of you enjoy coming and experiencing that.

Again, we want to stress that we are not taking back anything we’ve said, and we will always stand behind the truth.

From this moment on, the Austin thing is dead.

We will never mention him again on the internet, this whole situation can finally be buried after almost 2 years of conflict.

It’s over.

In brighter news, we’re super excited for the release of our new record, and we cannot wait to TEAR SHIT UP at Warped Tour.

Also, we just want you all to know that we love all of you that come out to shows and take some time to hang out!

Thanks to all who took the time to read this!

-Attack Attack!

P.S. – Darth Vader may or may not be doing guest vocals on our record.

P.P.S – Just kidding.

P.P.P.S. – But seriously.

Does anyone care at this point? IF NOT – TELL US. We’d love to move on as well.

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  • guest

    you guys do realize they said that like 2 years ago right? youre all stupid. who cares? is it your life? No, it isnt. youre calling THEM immature yet you dont even know what actually happened between them because you werent there. now get on with your lives.

  • erpp

    lol attack attack, what a joke

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  • okay now, AA! is not immature for this, if you had the same situation you would do the same as well, and the reason why they blogged this so late is because they didnt want to mess up OM&M, and because people wouldnt mind there own business and shut up. i will admit i did not like Caleb’s screams at first, but with the band they have nwo, they are doing great, and Caleb has gotten a lot better. Also its not really talking shit if what they are saying are facts.

  • Let’s not say that since Austin’s gone AA! has no lyrical or musical beat, considering Johnny Franck wrote every song and everything on the self-titled. The things Austin did were retarded and he could definitely deserve what he got. I know it hurts from personal experience to be shit on by your former bandmates but still. Personally, i prefer the new CD over SCS. And guess what? AA and OM&M tour together and i’ve recently heard that they’ve become friends again. I love both these bands to the point that they’re in my top 10 favorites on the hardcore scene.

  • I had sex with Austin Carlile

    Lucky underaged girls.

  • Jimmy

    Wetzel is the biggest prick.
    good old Francky left AA! BECAUSE it was ruining his CHRISTIANITY, from the sounds of it, i think they should’ve all kicked Wetzel out in the first place; he never got along with Austin now he’s “speaking on behalf of the band” about him.Andrew Wetzel, GROW SOME FUCKING BALLS, LEARN HOW TO DRUM, AND GROW THE FUCK UP.

  • Well, honestly Attack Attack is slowly going downhill as Austin’s band is steadily rising to the top. AA is almost universally mocked for their first album and the stick stickly music video; OM&M is widely lauded for their music and their music alone, not because of Austin’s presence in the band.

  • Nathandrew

    aa is way over it now, in warped tour all of them wore om&m shirts and austin said in a interview that him and aa talked and are cool now, he also said that he might play stick stickly with them sometime, and when they kicked him out it was like 3 YEARS AGO get over it,they were all kids and caleb was only 15

  • Forest0909

    You guys realize that Austin lived In Ohio. They left him in a parking lot In utah with probably no money and no ride home. So if I was Austin I would be pretty flippin mad

  • Cant say much.. But all of the shit here is a lie. Iv played with AA and of mice of men in warp tour and AP tour and of mice and men are awesome and attack attack r pretty straight.. but there is no doubt that Austin is 1 of the greatest screamers from person experience of screaming with him on stage. 

  • Sarvis11


  • Dumbass

    Just to clarify, she cheated on him, hence why he divorced her.

  • Jared

    Ur guys nothing but straight up ass holes, ik austin isnt like that! Hes they niceist guy ever! U dont need to talk shit about him cuz he made a bigger and better band then u guys…

  • Jared

    Fuck off, austin is nice so i dont no wtf ur talking about….

  • will (ariseofficial)

    for all you retards speaking shit like “with out austin attack attack! wouldn’t be anything” your completely wrong, a band doesn’t revolve around one member, if that was the case it would be a solo project with extra musicians for live work. 

  • james

    And he fucked 16 year old girls while they were married….. But he gets butt hurt when his wife who is most likely at home needs to get it in? HA sounds like a bitch move on his part

  • Can I also point out that she was pregnant with his child when he cheated with a minor? She didn’t cheat.

  • Jessica Ramos

    I think the past is the past just let it go everyone is not perfect I mean people make mistakes you just have to forgive and forget and if you don’t your stuck in the past and hatered I love both bands but it in the past now I mean just let it go that my opinion . :)