Attack! Attack! [still] hate Austin Carlile

Attack! Attack! Made TWO blogs today about Austin Carlile. If anyone still cares, you can read excerpts below. One has been taken down, but the second on is still viewable HERE.

From the initial blog:

Boys and Girls,

We are here to address the new rumor that Austin is back in AA!.

I would first like to point out that it would be the coldest day in hell for him to get back in our band.

To clear this whole thing up, we’ll start with the history.

Someday Came Suddenly –

We recorded SCS with Joey Sturgis in July of 2008 WITH Austin doing vocals.

September 11th, 2008 –

We left Ohio with Austin in the band to go on our first tour ever, the Rise Records tour.

(3) Three weeks later, we left him in a dark parking lot in Salt Lake City, Utah. He sat there and cried like a little girl while we drove away from him.


Austin would repeatedly claim that we were a “Christian” band on stage WHILE BEING COMPLETELY DRUNK AND CONTINUING TO DRINK ON STAGE.

He abused his prescription medications, drank heavily, and slept with anything that crossed his path. He is an egotistical maniac, and an arrogant jerk.

We gave him everything. We gave him a family, our homes, our money, our love. And all he did in return was throw it all back in our faces. He personally went out of his way to ruin Caleb’s life on tour because Caleb tried to tell Austin that what he was doing was messed up.

I can sit here all day and name off under age girls that he’s slept with, people he’s screwed over, stolen from, lied to, and used for his own selfish purposes.

Austin made our band?!

Austin almost destroyed our band. The only reason we are where we’re at right now, is because all of us had the drive to push through all of that horse-shit, and do something with our lives.

I can speak for everyone in the band when I say that all of the rest of the dudes in Of Mice are some of the greatest people we have ever met. We love each and every single one of them.

We also love all of OUR loyal fans that have stuck with us through all of the drama, and all of the shit, because you all know that there has to be a good reason for Austin’s “departure.”

I can’t describe how stoked we are that this can finally come to light.

Austin, I know you’re reading this.

No Respect.

AND THE REST OF THE BAND – Attack Attack!”

Later, this post was removed and this was put up instead:

Hello boys and girls.

This is the deal behind the blog, and why it’s been taken down.

When the band and I sat down and they dictated to me what we all wanted to say. We did so knowing that the blog was only going to be up until tonight.

It’s not being taken down because we’re sorry, because anyone asked, or because it’s not the truth. It IS the truth, and all of our fans deserve to know what happened.

For those of you who asked why this didn’t come out when it happened. The answer is very, very simple. We didn’t want to drag down Of Mice and Men with Austin. We absolutely love all of the rest of those guys, and we wouldn’t ever want them to be affected more by him.

The blog went up because ever since October of 2008, people have been asking us non-stop “What happened to Austin?”

Now you all know.

Also, I’m gonna answer a question/statement that I’ve seen a lot.

We are NOT a christian band. I don’t even know how many times we’ve said it, but we aren’t.

“But your lyrics have some christian meanings in them?”
AND? People write lyrics about murdering, but that doesn’t mean they are murderers.

We’re a freaking band guys. We’re normal dudes that just so happen to play some music. We have a good time, and a lot of you enjoy coming and experiencing that.

Again, we want to stress that we are not taking back anything we’ve said, and we will always stand behind the truth.

From this moment on, the Austin thing is dead.

We will never mention him again on the internet, this whole situation can finally be buried after almost 2 years of conflict.

It’s over.

In brighter news, we’re super excited for the release of our new record, and we cannot wait to TEAR SHIT UP at Warped Tour.

Also, we just want you all to know that we love all of you that come out to shows and take some time to hang out!

Thanks to all who took the time to read this!

-Attack Attack!

P.S. – Darth Vader may or may not be doing guest vocals on our record.

P.P.S – Just kidding.

P.P.P.S. – But seriously.

Does anyone care at this point? IF NOT – TELL US. We’d love to move on as well.

James Shotwell

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  • Adam

    Thank you so much for posting the first blog they put.

  • brian

    nice post guys,,,very helpful

  • eric

    wow these guys are assholes. i have never listened to them but i can imagine they fucking blow with a name like attack! attack! i been in the whole situation where a band member is fucking up and they need to be kicked out of the group.. trust me! but no need to exploit their personal problems in a whiny fuckin blog. i hope no one actually listens to this music or reads this.. and to whoever austin is i am really sorry man!

  • ryan

    eric your the definition of ignorance right now! he put them thru 2 years of holding them back and abusing drugs and im pretty sure he did his share of talking behind their backs and crap so yea 2 years of bullcrap i would do the same thing so all the millions of fans will know, not like you would know you never listened right? illiterate ignorate dumbass

  • eric

    hey ryan.. i am pretty sure the word you are looking for is ignorant.. but i am illiterate, huh? i didn’t say anything personally attacking you, and in fact i read your comment with complete sincerity until that point. that’s just a little fucked up, man.

  • Dylan

    I think it bears pointing out that they refrained from pointing any of this out until he was out of OM&M, so that they could still prosper. In my opinion, that’s pretty big of them.

  • Josh

    Okay seriously, Attack Attack sound WAY better without Austin. Don’t get me wrong, Austin is a good vocalist, but the new one fits them better. If anything, these blogs are just a way of letting everyone know the truth. If all of this being said about Austin is true, then he got what was coming to him. But that doesn’t mean people can’t change. So whose side am I taking? Neither. Because even if Austin is a huge douchebag, he isn’t bringing down Attack Attack anymore and they are clearly putting it in the past. Besides, if he is in OM&M then thats just another good band to listen to,right? And they still wish OM&M luck and don’t want to bring them down. All i’m saying is this. If Austin is going to be a dick, let him. But don’t let him bring down bands. And if the real dicks here are Attack Attack,.. Well that would fucking suck because I love them.

  • Jeremy

    I’m glad I really kno why Austin isnt in the band anymore, if all this is true than he sucks completely and I agree that he DOES NOT EVER derserve to be back in AA! I’m glad AA! isnt a christian band, not that I hate christians or anything, I’m just saying. I love Attack Attack! their awesome and they make great music, I respect them and I would love them to keep up the good work. Later.

    P.S, I dont want anyone to take anything I said personally offensive. thank you. XP

  • Julian

    Can I just say OM&M said the exact same thing about austin and that’s why they kicked him so AA aint lying when they’re saying this ^_^
    New album will be amazing

  • Dan

    Hey everyone. I heard that now he’s kicked out of OM&M, he’s starting a new band called “The Attack Of MIce and Men” with this guy named Jordan Blake. Can anyone verify this? BTW: Caleb is a beast screamer and Andrew Wetzel is an awesome drummer!!!!! and Sexual Man Chocolate is an Epic song :D keep up the great work Attack Attack!

  • Lanie (ex-purple panda)

    Attack Attack! blow mega giraffe abortions!!!
    Austin Carlile is AMAZING!!! I met him last November at a blessthefall/of mice and men concert, he just walked up and started talking to me. :)
    Too bad he’s married. :(

  • Lanie (ex-purple panda)

    P.S. Jordan Blake is from Watchout! There’s Ghosts.
    I LOVE HIM TOO!!! Amazing artists!!!

  • Taylor

    Wow, I’m hurt guys, I listened to you because of your Christian Lyrics, but there, you said it “WE’RE NOT A CHRISTIAN BAND!” I DO listen to other types of music, but still, ouch.

  • Bro

    Wow, that’s a one hard kick in the face facts. reminds me of Blink 182 old drummer. booze and drugs can turn your life upside down! gotta stick to that fact too

  • Ramzi

    @Eric. You are the definition of ignorance. Putting the whole band down without even listening to their music. They have very deep lyrics and are a talented group. If you listen to them and then continue to trash them, then be my guest. At least then you wont be an ignorant cunt waffle. And its Attack Attack! not Attack! Attack!

  • grizzlyadams

    @ramzi the lyrics you are talking about that are so deep are from austin. he wrote all the lyrics for someday came suddenly. i lost respect for attack attack even more now for these blogs. i know you hate the guy that is fine, but don’t bring his personal crap into this. that is messed up. now their newest song’s lyrics are bashing austin and i am tired of it. ok austin is a jerk off that’s fine, shut up about it. i don’t need to hear anymore of it. their comment on the christian lyrics is retarded! (“But your lyrics have some christian meanings in them?”
    AND? People write lyrics about murdering, but that doesn’t mean they are murderers.) worst freaking analogy ever. if you are not christian that is fine what ever, but that excuse/comment is completely stupid

  • Wetzel,

    you just dont realize how much i still love all of you, i will admit that i had problems but u cant honestly think i would purposely drive attack attack apart. and Caleb, i am truly sorry for everything i did, i was messed up, especially, the last day of warped tour. i hope you all can forgive me, i would definatly respect your still hating me. i have gotten better, and this isnt a request to be in attack attack, but i do hope we could be in touch and good friends like we used to be. I am wasted talent, so says everyone i meet that are die-hard attack attack fans, and they couldnt be more correct. i am sorry for everything,
    Renob Nevada
    enough said.
    i have had many emails asking if i would ever do a reunion preformance of stick stickly, and you know what i say?
    i would kill to play with them again, but it just wont happen, i have done too much to those amazing human beings to deserve such rewards.


  • JAsper

    dear ‘austin carlile’
    it’s funny how stupid you are. if you click the dude’s name, you’ll reach his youtube channel. yeah, cause austin totally named his youtube ‘zzrichbearpigzz’ under the name ‘scott’.

  • Cody

    @JAsper hahah! awesome. That’s hilarious. Why would anyone want to pretend to be Carlile? The guy is a douche and quite frankly, it’s embarassing to pretend to be Carlile, only to be found out.

  • Hannah

    Well, personally. I love this band to death. idgaf how any feels about that.
    and @eric, you can’t honestly fucking say that YOU feel bad for Austin.
    Did Austin try to stand up for himself, get everyone on his side and push down those rumors? Didn’t think so.
    Sorry, but the truth hurts.

  • James

    I love that you all talk on here about Austin, AA!, OMM, etc., but I have to ask – why don’t you ever comment on all the other articles about these acts we post?


  • Thx for this great information that you are shareing with us

  • Taro Heikes

    Attack Attack! is one of my favorite bands ever!! And i don’t blame u guys for kicking austin carlile out if wht u guys said was the truth. people who take advantage of other people and don’t give anything in return do not belong in a great band such as Attack Attack! and I LOVED austin’s singing in Someday Came Suddenly, but i have to admit I LOVE CALEB SHOMO’s Singing in their new album a hell of alot more(: I also think the band got a whole lot better after kicking austin carlile!! I am so psyched to go to Warped Tour 2010 :D so many great bands are going :) and to you haters like ERIC, pls go away and listen to music u like! don’t talk SHIT about Attack Attack! or anyother band, because all bands have talent, and are unique in their own way ^^

  • Jason

    In my honest opinion AA sucks without Austin. Nick Barham is a God awful vocalist, & the new album(with who the hell ever is leading now) isn’t as good as Someday Came Suddenly. I am not saying Austin is a good person because I don’t know the guy, but he made the band, there is no doubt.

  • tyler

    dude really say what you want about austin hes a good vocalist.and even tho he did drugs or whatever doesnt mean hes a fucked up for aa!fuck you guys.posting a blog about how bad he sucks grow the fuck up.

  • Blogging keeps me sane. Keep up all the work. I too love to blog. I found this one to be very informative :)

  • Adrian

    Austins the best AA! are just douche bags…theyre probably lying and just want austin out

  • billz

    i dont really care either way u guys rok

  • Danielharris508

    you guys suck now tbf guys. sorry but its the truth. AC may have done some stuff in his time but hasnt everyone? and to make ac-130 a song about him. thats just immature and pathetic.
    Austin seems a real nice guy and i support him in everything he is doing. so go fuck off? xD

  • BreeVEE

    You haven’t met Austin then.
    He’s a complete fucking asshole.
    Don’t support him because you “THINK/SEEMS” Like a nice guy.
    Get your facts straight.
    He’s an ass.
    End of story.
    AA! & OM&M Rawk.


  • Star Glitz Kiss44

    hahah. seriously? bands write the music from EXPERIENCES and obviously for them Austin was one HELL of a fucking bad experience. thats like hating on bamds because they write songs about exs. theres lots of them. you probably listen to them. Yeah, people make mistakes. but its the ones who chose not to try and make up for them and end up being fixed on causing destruction for others get whats coming for them. Austins talented dont get me wrong…but as for a person i dont really respect him.

  • Emo

    He’s a real nice guy, I met him, I’m personal friends with him.
    Hes a really sweet guy

  • Savannah

    you guys suck without have no meaning to your lyrics,no beat,and the vocals suck not a hater and im not saying what Austin did was okay,but im just being honest.and by the way stop making songs that discuss about our loving god if your not even christians,your “band” is nothing but just sound,with members who are posers and hypocritical.

  • umadbro?

    nobody gives a FUCK about AA. you’re garbage, and damn, jonny quit too? oh shit, it must be the band then if you guys have had so many motherfuckers quit and shit. caleb is a terrible vocalist, when i saw him in orlando he was like coughing and gagging and shit. if youre going to be a vocalist, then you need to be good. caleb has no vocal range whatsoever, he just shouts into the mic like a retard and sounds stupid. the only reason you cockgoblins are popular is because 6th grade emo kids fucking hear your repetitive breakdowns and your generic blast beats, and your cheesy synth, and they think that shits cool. well, its not. nobody takes you retards seriously, so just give it up. go back to your shitty hometowns and do the world a favour by working at walmart or some shit, so at least you won’t be polluting the music scene with your garbage ass generic shit. umadbro?

  • shane YDG?!

     attack attack blows, there singing sucks, there screamer sucks… everything about them sucks…. i couldnt even watch them live because it sounded like a bunch of fucking tranny jerkers trying to have a good time. austin carlile isnt what AA says he is, watch of mice and men tv on youtube… they all have a fucking great time ???? they all get along and produce amazing music unlike you pathetic chode strokers. if your gonna talk shit about austin…. say it to his fucking face…. OF MICE AND MEN KICKS ATTACK ATTACKS GAY ASSES!

  • Emochiqk1

    Attack Attack! Is amazing! Fuck Austin. He sucks shit! He’s. Douchebag, shit licker! Fuck him and all the haters AA! Has. They sing amazing without him. Also Caleb sing amazing so fuck off. Yeah it sucks cuz Johnnys now gone but they’re still going strong. I<3AA!

  • Johnny_ramsey23

     I dont care about Austin’s problems in life he is an amazing singer and of mice and men are badass with him screaming in the mic….cant wait to see them at warped tour 2011!!!!!

  • Dylanrawson2113

    attack attck is a great band! me personaly, i like of mice and me better they sound diffrent from all the other bands. both bands are great actuall i enjoy listening to both! but there is no reason why AA should be fucking broad casting what austin did! they could’ve said they didnt get along and he was an asshole and left it at that! and austin is a wayyyyyy better screamer then AA, i mean in their video smokahontas he is getting dround in a fucking bowl of water! wtf? that is retarded, he tries to hard to be hard core. but all im trying to say is that they shouldnt have put austin down like that, even if he did do that shit, im sure he feals like shit about it now! and now its on the internet for everyone to see, so its always going to be there and people will always be asking him questions and shit and thats not right at all! idgaf austin carlile is bad ass!!!

  • Matt

    I love Austin. I like AA!, but I love Austin. He has turned his life around and grown up so much, Attack Attack! is still talking shit. Who’s immature here? Not Austin. He never said publicly one word about AA!. He’s the real man. I like AA!’s music a lot, but OM&M is ten times better. And you don’t want to bring OM&M down with Austin, Wetzel? Austin made OM&M from scratch. It is HIS band. He IS OM&M. Fuck you Attack Attack!. I have no respect for you whatsoever. Wipe the cum out of your eyes and realize that you’re acting like high school girls starting drama and bullshit. Fuck you all.

  • CalebDZR

    you have got to be joking caleb is trash dude. he couldnt do vocals live if his life depended on it hes good in studio but who isnt austin destroys attack attack.

  • calebDZR

    austin is an awesome dude and ohioisonfire completely and totally destroyed AA! om&m all the way. 

  • Screamasami

    the only reason why attack attack ! even have a tour bus is because of Austin Carlie and autotune.

  • shane YDG?!

    dude, learn how to listen to music please. attack attack will never be a good band without austin carlile….proof, who’s new cd got on the top ten of all new albums in 2011??? i dont think it was attack attack, ohhhhhh thats right! it was austin’s band OF MICE AND MEN. why you ask? well because they have an amazing singer called shaylei, and a amazing screamer who actually made attack attack??? without austin attack attack wouldnt exist right now.

  • attack attack

    what the fuck!!! i care bout AA not like u they been going through a hard time

  • yep

    AA! has improved without austin, you guys alll still talked about how badly they sucked with autotune and all and that was with austin. With caleb its a bit more different and there changing in a good way still. caleb knows how to manage them more 

  • get over it

    This is so true I care about AA and i think they’re fuckin great but Austin HAS turned his life around and it’s time to get over what happened in the past! simple as that! Austin may have gone through some bad shit back then but he isn’t the same anymore! he’s a damn good person that was STRONG enough to turn his life around! jussayingg

  • Woeiscam

    wasent this the point in this life where his mother died, so cut the dude some fucking slack. yes we all fuck up, and we are not all perfect. But leaving someone at a random bus stop is rude.

  • even if austin did turn his life around, he’s still pretty messed up, like cheating on his wife recently…..him changing doesn’t really make up for anything he did back in attack attack though (from what aa! say), what he did in the past is still there, and attack attack are just clearing up what happened, not whining like little high school bitches. i love both of mice and men and attack attack, and especially austin, but whats done is done. and even then since johnny left attack attack, theyr sound is changing so much more. and of mice and men isnt really austin’s band, sure he started it, but it doesnt give him the permission to call it his own…..its a band, and everyone plays a part in it. just bcuz austin never mentioned it publicly, doesnt make him a man and attack attack pussies, i honestly dont know why you said that…..and first u were saying u like attack attack, and then at the end u said you disrespected them and told them to fuck off……contradicting much?

  • Pyroplaya18712

    attack attack is garbage now. listen to pick a side. it is the worst crap i have ever heard and of mice and mens new album is amazing so attack attack lost badly

  • you trolls are dumb

    Do you guys realize that this was posted a over a year ago? So bitching about Attack Attack still talking smack on Austin is kinda sad and stupid.

    Have you seen any 2011 posts about them talking shit on Austin? Nope.
    What’s done is done. Get the fuck over it. Attack Attack has better things to do than talk smack on a exband-member who has been gone for almost a year and a half to two years now.