Review: Go Radio – Do Overs and Second Chances

Artist: Go Radio
Album: Do Overs and Second Chances
Genre: Pop Rock
Label: Fearless

Before the release of Mayday Parade’s , A Lesson in Romantics, Jason Lancaster left Mayday to pursue other interests and started a project called Go Radio. While this wasn’t exactly gigantic news when it broke, anyone whose heard Romantics and later saw the band live or [unfortunately] listened to their latest release would note just how game-changing it was. While Mayday has a lot to offer fans, the heart of the songwriting and, in my opinion,  most passionate vocal performance, always came from Lancaster and thanks to a record deal with Fearless, the whole world will soon know of his skill. You see, while Mayday was hitting it big and conquering the international Hot Topic community, Lancaster and the other members of Go Radio were working themselves to the bones crafting some of the most heartfelt pop rock the world has heard in awhile through various EPs and underground works. The culmination of these efforts, and the band’s Fearless debut, Do Overs and Second Chances, hits stores April 20th and will undoubtedly be impossible to avoid shortly afterward.

From the opening riff of the powerful “When Dreaming Gets Drastic” its obvious that Lancaster and crew are out to make their name not only known, but more prolific than the member’s previous efforts. The sound will surely remind followers of Mayday of the band’s earlier material in terms of sound, song structure, and lyrical scope, but its the level of craftsmanship in each line that separates Go Radio. There’s never a moment on the EP when you get comfortable enough to call the next progression of a given song and I think I speak for any pop rock fan when I say that’s something in itself. In a time when most groups are going for the giant hook and little else, Lancaster and crew seem to have penned every line with the intention of it being shouted at the top of your lungs. Its deep and emotive, but quick witted and sharp tongued at the same time and that’s a combination few can refuse.

The group maneuvers pretty familiar territory throughout the first few tracks on the record which, while catchy, do carry strong Mayday like sounds. However, “It’s Not A Trap, I Promise,” the fourth track, finds Go Radio fully coming into themselves. I honestly spent a solid fifteen minutes staring at my screen trying to think of how best to summarize the change mood and feel the EP takes at this point, but words fail me. I’ll just say that if the first half of the EP was meant to hook you, the second is what reels you into becoming a Go Radio fan for life. After “Its not a Trap” steals your breath and captures the true level of talent Go Radio possesses, “In Our Final Hour” comes in with Anberlin like rock riffs and quick vocals before “You Hold Your Breath, I’ll Hold My Liquor” comes crashing through with another gigantic hook. Finally, the EP closes with the lengthy, but gorgeously simple “Goodnight Moon.” Before you ask, yes, there is a reference to the popular children’s bedtime story of the same name, but that’s nowhere near the reason this song deserves your time. Taking a break from the guitar driven melodies of the record for a more stripped piano feel, Go Radio take on this track very slyly before letting it build into a strong finish. Everything from the arrangement to the lyrics hit perfectly and the mood never breaks from subtle beauty. This will definitely be a track that follows them for awhile and thus makes it a perfect ending song.

If there’s one thing Go Radio prove with Do Overs and Second Chances its who really had the talent all along. Taking elements from what Lancaster’s fans already know and building upon them, Go Radio are quickly becoming a force to reckon with in the pop rock world. There’s simply so much passion and energy in every element of this EP that no one can hate it. I get that sometimes people claim to pour their heart into something and it falls flat when it hits the public, but Go Radio bear their souls and all you’ll be asking for is more. I personally cannot wait for a full length from these guys. They have literally EVERYTHING going for them in terms of songwriting, musicianship, and originality and the proof is all over this ep.

To put it simply, Do Overs and Second Chances is a gem that girls will fall in love with and boys will wish they’d written.

Score: 8/10

Review written by: James Shotwell

James Shotwell

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  • Royal

    Review doesn’t read like a 8, you didn’t mention anything negative at all.

  • Bryan

    Royal’s got it right. Sounds more like a 10 out of 10 review, which I completely agree with. This EP is fantastic.

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