DVD Review: Frank Zappa: The Freakout List

Artist: Frank Zappa
Title: Frank Zappa: The Freakout List DVD
Genre: Documentary
Release: 04/20/2010
Distributor: MVD

Freak Out! Released on June 27, 1966 by The Mothers of Innovation is often referred to as one of rock music’s first concept albums. Frank Zappa in particular is noted as one of the most creative minds in the history of music. That said, The Freakout List was terribly dry and will only appeal to the most hardcore of Zappa enthusiasts.

The Freakout List features never before seen interviews with The Mothers Of Invention’s Ian Underwood, Don Preston and George Duke, and focuses on the influences of Zappa and the evolution of his music in the early stages. While I can’t express how much I loved some of Zappa’s other productions such as, “Baby Snakes,” released in 1979, this DVD didn’t express any of the creative and individualistic qualities that his previous works incorporated.

If you were hoping for another documentary featuring claymation and live sets like I was, you’re going to be severely disappointed. This documentary is for the people who like to get inside a musician’s head and understand their influences. That said, this documentary focuses primarily on his early works and aspirations with The Mothers of Innovation and not so much on his later works.

This documentary could have been justifiably released in the early 90s, but anyone who has ever read one of Zappa’s books has heard the majority of this information before. The production quality was poor and had very little to offer anyone who would care enough to watch it.

Rating: 4/10

Review written by: Ben Howell

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