Game Vs. Drake (Chart Battle)

Rapper Game was looking for a friendly chart battle with Drake when both men had albums set for a June 15 release date.

The R.E.D. Album has been pushed back, but his Canadian peer is still set for the summer release.

Before the change in date, Game anticipated going head-up with Drake.

“It’s all in the love of Hip-hop I’m a fan of Drake,” the Compton rapper told “It’s not even a competition its more like go out and get both albums because they’re both good.”

Game suggested that Drake would sell more, due to his buzz, but said his own was growing rapidly.

“Usually I say [I will sell more] but that ni**a’s buzz is [very loud] but we’ll see. One thing about it though I’m about to pound the streets so whoever is on his team better be ready because that’s the competition. 400 bars was just the beginning,” Game said.

The Game recently released a popular mixtape, The R.E.D. Room, which has sustained his popularity in the streets and internet. Furthermore, he has released a number of videos.

The R.E.D. Room is set for a June 29 release date now.

Via All Hip Hop

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