RZA And A Wu-Tang Musical

First a Green Day musical, now a Wu-Tang Clan show on Broadway? Apparently, RZA wants to take the group’s record Enter the Wu-Tang: 36 Chambers to the New York stage.

The rapper told The Boombox, “I thought about doing 36 Chambers. I dreamed I can do it on Broadway cause I make my albums like movies. People been talking to me about a lot of things. I got people reaching out to me about Carnegie Hall. I make movies now, so I get more access. It’s still in the dream world, but a lot of my dreams have come true and I’m working on this one, baby.”

The group will be playing the record in its entirety this summer at Rock The Bells, but RZA believes he can evolve that kind of performance into a musical within the next few years. “I think in five years it could be done,” he said.

Why 36 Chambers? Well, maybe because RZA see the music on that disc with a sense of visual theatricality. He said, “That album is like a movie for me, it’s a map also. It means a lot for the music, but it means so much more.”

No one expected Green Day to show up on Broadway, let alone have American Idiot nominated for three Tonys, so it’s not that far into left field that Wu-Tang could follow in their footsteps. But if not Broadway, then it seems RZA’s reference to Carnegie Hall isn’t just talk. “I’ve been invited to Carnegie Hall for this year,” he said. “I turned it down because I’m not ready yet. I told them give me another year, but it’s a dream and I’ll look forward to making it happen.”

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