Abigail Williams Vs. Winds Of Plague

The Gauntlet had Abigail Williams singer/guitarist Ken Sorceron and guitarist Ian Jekelis in the studio for their June 6th podcast (available here), and when the interviewer asked what happened with ex-keyboard player Alana Potocnik – who abruptly left Abigail Williams to join Winds of Plague mere hours before a tour in November of 2009 — he got a whole lot more than he’d bargained for with tales of shit-talking, deception and secret love affairs!

Sorceron: We had a keyboard player that joined the band. She swore up and down she was into metal, down for the cause, ready to die for metal, similar to us. But after doing a couple tours she actually quit the band less than 12 hours before we were to fly to Europe for a tour with Arch Enemy. She decided that she would join the band that she had talked the most shit [about] out of any other band that I have ever known. And her most hated band in my opinion, she decided to join them.

The Gauntlet: She said terrible things about Winds of Plague?

Sorceron: Yeah, yeah. I don’t give a fu… I’m sayin’ it. Don’t make that face at me! [laughter] I only know how to speak the truth on the Internet here.

The Gauntlet: I think it’s important. That’s why I’m asking the question. It’s not about talking shit, ya know, and if I do say something bad about a band there’s probably a reason for it.

Sorceron: If I say something bad about a band it’s because I hate them. Everything they stand for musically, lyrically. [implying Winds of Plague]


The Gauntlet: I just kind of want to know what happened with the keyboard player from Abigail Williams. Why were there differences and why did she leave the band?

Jekelis: She wanted to be in Winds of Plague.

Sorceron: Just hearing that makes me laugh, I’m sorry. [laughter]

The Gauntlet: She wanted to be in another band.

Jekelis: No, Winds of Plague.

The Gauntlet: Specifically Winds of Plague, OK.

Jekelis: I don’t think she was like, “I need another band.”

Sorceron: She went from boning the drummer to joining the band, and I don’t understand. It was pretty confusing.

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