Murder City Mayhem


As recently previewed on AOL Music’s Listening Party, PROPRIOCEPTION has been called “the crowning gem in any deathcore fan’s 2010 collection.” by The New Review.

PROPRIOCEPTION features the following tracks:

01. Mara

02. This Night Is The Coroner’s

03. Deadworld Reclamation

04. In Vastness, I Transfigure

05. Rotting Procession

06. Dismantle

07. One Of The Swarm

08. A Welcome Displeasure

09. Those Now Sleep Forever

10. From Burning Sentiments

11. VenomSpitter

12. Perpetual Abyssma

Purchase PROPRIOCEPTION from and FYE stores to receive a
limited edition AND HELL FOLLOWED WITH patch:

By purchasing PROPRIOCEPTION on iTunes, fans can get an exclusive
track called “The Greatest Deception” which is not available on the
regular North American retail release. Pre-order at

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