Chad Gilbert Talks About ADTR And Solo Project

chad gilbert

Chad Gilbert updated his blog and talks about working with A Day To Remember and his solo project, What’s Eating Gilbert. Read about it below:

“I was born and raised in Coral Springs, Florida. It’s a suburb of Ft Lauderdale. It was a smaller town when I was growing up there, but it’s grown like crazy since I moved to California in 2001. I never noticed or cared about the Florida humidity when I lived there because I was so used to it. That’s all I knew. Now that I’m back in Florida it’s like living in front of an open oven. I have been spoiled by the California weather. This trip to Florida wasn’t about visiting friends in my home town. I’m actually 4 hours north of all of them. This trip brings me to the lovely town of Ocala. I think the last I was here was like in 1997 when my old hardcore band had a show here. This time I’m here working with a band called A Day To Remember.

I produced A Day to Remember’s last record called “Homesick.” Last time we worked together in the back of their bus every night when they toured with New Found Glory about 2 years ago. Has it really been that long? This time both the band and I had a couple weeks off from tour and were able to get together and start working on songs for their new album. I don’t know any details on when exactly this record is coming out but I do know that it will be another record full of infectious songs their fans will be pleased with.

We have been working on the songs at some random studio that has a lot of photos of Michael Jackson everywhere. His spirit is watching over us. We all are set up in a semi-circle just flushing out ideas.

We work out the arrangements of the songs, then do a rough demo track. We usually have to track it immediately or we will forget what we just did. Since we’ve been working on stuff every day in the same room we tend to get cabin fever and our brains turn to mush.

I’ve been living in a hotel which is pretty interesting. For the most part it’s kinda boring in the hotel but I’m a mega nerd and brought my Xbox so my Red Dead Redemption game has been my buddy. Plus there is a cleaning lady so my bed is always made haha. Im very grateful A Day to Remember chose me to work with them again. I have lots of fun hanging out with all them and being around music all the time keeps me mega inspired and I’m always learning and taking away something from everyone I produce or work with.

As I write this there are only about two more full days left to work on songs then I fly out to North Carolina to start the Honda Civic Tour. I am excited to be able to watch Tegan & Sara and Paramore. I am genuinely a fan of both band’s music. I’m kind of a Tegan & Sara super fan.

Besides the A Day to Remember studio stuff, my last Whats Eating Gilbert session went great. I recorded two originals and one cover. This is a photo of me recording an acoustic version of a Stevie Wonder song. The song is called “Stay Gold” and it was the theme from one of my all time favorite movies The Outsiders.

I will be releasing a new original song online soon. It isn’t from the new batch of songs but from an older recording session I did. I just haven’t released it yet because honestly it’s my favorite one and for some reason I keep putting it off. It’s like my favorite kid that I don’t want to let go of. I’ll figure out a good date and let you know soon.

Thanks for checking in!”

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