MC Pig Pen And Pat Maine Exclusive Song Stream

mc pig pen pat maine

Here at UTG we have the exclusive first track from MC Pig Pen and Pat Maine’s debut album. The new album is yet unnamed and will be out this Winter. Listen to the track ‘Old Hands’ below and check out their Great Escape tour dates to see when they are coming to a city near you. Check out both of their Myspaces: MC Pig Pen, Pat Maine.

Old Hands by HurricaneHaines

-Aug 7 2010 9:30P
Boomers Las Vegas, NV, w/SAPIENT of sand people.

-Aug 8 2010 10pm
Warehouse 508 Albequerque, NM

-Aug 13 2010 9:00P
Sauced Oklahoma City, OK

-Aug 14 2010 9:00P
LLywelyns Pub St Louis, Missouri

-Aug 16 2010 9:00P
Pedicab Bar and Grill San Antonio, Texas

-Aug 17 2010 9:00P

-Aug 20 2010 9:30P
The Hideout Omaha, Nebraska

-Aug 21 2010 9:30P
Norms Superior, wi

-Aug 25 2010 10:00P
Miramar Theatre Milwaukee, WI

-Aug 25 2010 10:00P
Miramar Theatre Milwaukee, WI

-Aug 26 2010 9:30P
The House Cafe Dekalb, IL

-Sep 2 2010 9:30pm
The Six Lounge Mount Pleasant, MI

-Sep 3 2010 10pm
The Perfect Pitcher Taylor, MI

-Sep 5 2010 10pm
Dubland Underground, Rochester, NY

More dates to be added soon. Select dates will feature, THE MODERN GENTLEMEN, DERILL POUNDS, DJ STREET JESUS, YZE and OCELOT.

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  • Dope shit fellas.

    Follow me on twitter ya’ll lets link up and get a show together.

  • E-May

    good job you guys, this is awsome!!!

  • Heddy

    Ooooohhhh. I like, I like.

  • Dixon Family

    Simply Brilliant, Patrick~
    Good for you for following your dreams~ So proud of you!

  • Sable

    Lovee the song, Can’t wait for the album (:

  • Meegan

    like whoa!! pat maine…i love you. you’re gonna be HUGE

  • kayla

    very nice :) love it


    god dammit pat maine.

  • slice

    Somebody once said Salt Lake City was no place for punks also… But ya know…

  • Gentry Fox

    So fuckin’ dope. Keep it up homies.


    Doin big thangs Pat Maine!

  • Darci

    Patrick this is amazing! I am soooo happy for you! I miss you a ton. Now you can’t fight with me cause I left you a comment! :P HA! Love you!

  • I was expecting fire when I hit play. But daaaamn, this shit is legit. Lookin forward to the album and doin some shows when you guys make it back to the lake. Kill it on the tour dudes!

  • Kims Friend Jesss

    Great Song. Great Style. Great People. :)
    good things are on their wayyyyyy <3

  • Kenno

    Inspirational Artists, these katz really know how to tell a story with every beat!

  • WOW.. thanks everyone so much for all the love. this song means a lot to everyone involved. and its great that it is making a bit of noise…

  • V/O

    Dig’n the NEW track fellas!
    Way to put it down oh so RAW from Utah
    Wasatch EightyAce

  • i really like the track.. i work at a massage parlor and i was told i can’t be jamming out to music like this at work… (^_^) but hey my client said he liked the track too….

  • You fellas twist that shit up tight and blaze it true every time!! Can’t wait to collaborate on a track with ya’ll. I Got some instrumentals that need your talents to seal the deal! Peace

  • True talent being displayed on this one guys! Don’t stop!!

  • Jazz

    I like the diversity that is in this track very good!

  • Rainey

    Wreckin fools with your deep poetry! I’m diggin it! You guys are awesome! Much <3! & great production. You SHOULD be proud :D

  • Good work fellas. Keep up the hard work! Who is singing the hook?

  • Clay

    This is groundbreaking inspiration! Good stuff!

  • jimmy

    dope shit homies! keep it up

  • Chelsey

    Wow. Sounds great!

  • Love this, keep putting down the tracks…

  • Robin

    Rainey sent me ur way. I love this. and I dont typically listen 2 music like this nice job!!

  • Velutia

    I don’t usually like this kind of music, either, but I really enjoyed this! Also referred through the spunky little dreddy :)

  • jonezy

    nice track fellaz! can’t wait to hear it live

  • LTZ

    Yo Yo Yo! Joints are slapping! Ca’t wait 4 ya’ll 2 touchdown in the O.

  • April

    its fuckin awesome I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  • samantha

    Sickest shit i have EVER heard..also pigs beard is amazing

  • Great song. Good luck on the tour.

  • OG

    Yo son liking the new song…Sick bro!!!!!!

  • Aleesa

    You guys are doing big things. The track is so good. I love it! keep it up pals

    miss you guys!

  • yeeeaaaaaaahhhhhh boooyyyyyyyeeeeeee!

  • Pat Maine – you’re verses are sick on this track. Mad props.

  • Colin

    Nutritious flow. Lyrics packed with vitamins. No artificial shit.

  • Kevin

    Posted the link on my facebook for all my friends to see hope you all do not mind good luck in new mexico! see you all next time you roll through!

  • sammyjojo