Jukebox The Ghost takes to the streets!

In June of this year, New York City was flooded with music…well pianos anyway….as part of the “Play Me I’m Yours” public art installation. With over 60 pianos placed on street corners and in parks throughout the city, musicians and amateurs alike took it upon themselves to serenade the public.
Jukebox the Ghost took to the streets as well, visiting pianos in 4 of the 5 boroughs testing out their brand new tunes, readying them for the new album. Check out the video documentary below and be sure to check the band out on tour this fall!



I'm a 22 year old retired scenester who loves music more than most people. I work in College Radio and I was once told I'm the future of the music industry.

my favorite band is Alkaline Trio and I have a tattoo to prove it.

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