Hawthorne Heights To Play Charity Show

Hawthorne Heights are playing a charity show in Leeds at the Cockpit on November 16th for Jennifer Lovell, a fan who was injured at their show back in 2006. You can read the statement made by the band below.

“While we were out on the Kerrang tour, supporting Bullet For My Valentine, our former guitarist Casey jumped into the crowd with the mic. As the security guards were pulling him back in, Jennifer Lovell had her face smashed into the barricade. She broke her jaw, chipped some teeth and has since suffered nerve damage resulting in constant migraines and a ton of medical bills. Immediately following the show, the security brought her backstage. Casey offered to take her and her friend out for food, which she couldn’t eat obviously. Once we returned from England, Casey was working on figuring a way to help her out. Fast-forward a little, Casey passed away in the Fall of 2007, never having had the opportunity to help Jennifer out. After a couple of years of attempting to contact us and her communications getting lost in the wake of our grief, legal issues and revolving door of managers, Jennifer was finally able to contact us via Facebook. Now that we’ve put all of our demons behind us, we’re finally able to get back overseas to help her out. Better late than never. Jennifer still has a mountain of debt created by her injury and we want to make good on a promise that our friend made to her before he passed away. We’re doing a special acoustic show in Leeds at the Cockpit prior to our regular show. This will be the first time we’ve ever done a stripped down set overseas so its something special for our fans over there and every bit of the proceeds will go directly to Jennifer to help with her medical bills. We also will be selling an exclusive T-shirt, designed by one of Jennifer’s friends on our online webstore. All proceeds from this shirt will also go to Jennifer.”

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