Escape The Fate pulls out of European tour

The official press release from the band regarding Max Green entering rehab is below:

“Max needs his friends and family by his side, so we’re not gonna leave him,” says lead singer Craig Mabbitt. “Max is one of my best friends and has never done this band wrong in any way shape or form. It’s very honorable of him to admit he has a problem and wants to seek help for the longevity of his life and this band. I’m so sorry to the fans, but so proud of Max. He needs our love and support through this rough time in his life, so let’s give it to him. Our soldiers never let us down and we will be back to play Europe and the two London dates very soon. We love you guys.”

More news on this will be announced as it becomes available.

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  • Www Nadiamogilinski

    max is one of the strongest people that have ever heard of and if he could handle what happened to ronnie then he can handle any thing, so good luck and keep rocking or screaming whatever you guys perfer.