Album & Xmas stream: Key To The Midway

Under The Gun Review is excited to bring you an EP and Christmas song stream from one of today’s most promising young bands, Key To The Midway. Based out of West Michigan, Key To The Midway spent the majority of 2010 refining their craft and getting their name out there thank to their debut EP, Keep It To Yourself, which you can now stream exclusively here on UTG. As an added bonus, we’ve teamed up with the guys in Key to also offer an exclusive stream of their brand new Christmas song, “This Christmas.”

I know we bring you a lot of bands you may not have heard of before here on UTG, but this is one I can PROMISE you will be hearing much, much more from in 2011. Take a listen now and get in on the ground floor of a band that’s about to take the country by storm. This is pure, unadulterated pop rock for the masses and if it doesn’t chip away at the ice around your heart this winter, nothing will.


Key To The Midway – Keep It To Yourself by UTGReview

James Shotwell

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