Archive for January 7th, 2011

News about Panic! At The Disco’s album

Wendy Rollins, a radio DJ for 104.5 in Philadelphia, PA, posted tweets about Panic! At The Disco new album, “Vices & Virtues”. Check out the new info after the jump!

Nate Flynn post his first single on iTunes

Former member of Sing It Loud, Nate Flynn has posted a new single on iTunes. Check out where you can get it after the jump!

Black Cards post live video

Black Cards post a live performance of their song, “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Fame”. Check it out after the jump!

AP Session: The Summer Set

Alternative Press magazine posted a AP Session with The Summer Set. Check it out after the jump!

Paramore addresses Farro brothers departure

The remaining Paramore members sat down with MTV and address the departure of the Farro brothers. Check out the interview after the jump!

The Warriors “The War Unseen” stream

Check out a new song from The Warriors called “The War Unseen” after the jump.

Sufjan Stevens documentary in the works

Hipsters rejoice! Someone is making a film about your hero, Sufjan Stevens.

Dr. Acula audio stream “Cocaine Avalanche”

Stream Dr. Acula‘s new song called “Cocaine Avalanche” by clicking past the jump.

Bury Tomorrow new song clip/video update

A new song clip from Bury Tomorrow can be heard in their most recent video update that can be viewed after the jump.

Lady Gaga brings you the future of technology

Maybe some of you knew, but I’m willing to bet the majority of you will be interested to learn that Polaroid hired Lady Gaga as their Creative Director last year. Crazy idea, right? Think again. Today Gaga and the suits from Polaroid unveiled polaroid glasses. That’s right, camera glasses. Check them out, here.

Hawthorne Heights announce dates with video

Hawthorne Heights have announced dates for their upcoming acoustic tour with a video that can be viewed after the jump.

Beastie Boy overcomes Cancer

Adam Yauch (MCA) of the Beastie Boys was recently reported as being free of cancer according to his interview! What a great piece of news for the day. We all wish him the best.