Review: The Get Up Kids – There Are Rules

Artist: The Get Up Kids
Album: There Are Rules
Genre: Emo/indie
Label: Quality Hill

The fifth studio album from the Get Up Kids marks a welcome change from what has become the norm. Opposed to rehashing their past, There are Rules is not a case of Something to Write Home About Version 2, but rather a progression in a similar vein of what the Get Up Kids have become renown for. This album comes as a refreshing change from an oversaturated market, with a band willing to expand their sound while not conforming to what is currently popular.

There Are Rules feels like a new starting point for the band, which has been around since 1995. It not only marks their first release through their own label, Quality Hill Records, but also a return to Bob Weston, the producer from their debut album, Four Minute Mile. Let me state now that this doesn’t (at all) imply a return in sound, but it does show the band recognizing that sometimes coming back is just as hard as starting fresh.

Keyboardist James Dewee’s role is much more predominant on this record, bringing additional instrumentation the Get Up Kids’ distinctive sound. The album is well paced, cohesive, and leaves you screaming for more before “Rememorable” even ends. That is not to the album’s detriment, however, more so that a few more songs of the same standard would be welcomed. Songs like ‘Regent’s Court’, ‘The Widow Paris’ and ‘When It Dies’ show a more classic TGUK sound, but with a few extra twists that keep the band relevant and moving forward.

There Are Rules is a solid release from a band that amany wrote off after Guilt Show. It shows that the Get Up Kids are not only back, but could potentially have a few more fantastic releases up their sleeves. After 12 years of touring and recording they’re still going strong and as far as we can tell, won’t be stopping anytime soon. Young bands, please pay attention to this release. If you want a lasting career in the emo/punk scene, few have done it better (or longer) than The Get Up Kids and records like this are exactly what has given them the opportunity to keep performing. Buy it, support them, and learn there ways. Your career(s) will thank you.

Score: 8/10
Review written by: Naomi Carson

James Shotwell

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  • Bob

    Great review. I wish I enjoyed the album as much as you did. I just noticed at the end it should be “Learn THEIR ways” thanks for the review!