Review: Most Precious Blood – DNR

Artist: Most Precious Blood
Album: Do Not Resuscitate
Genre: Hardcore
Label: Bullet Tooth

Fans have waited for more than four years for Most Precious Blood to come back on our radar and they finally have with their explosive new release, Do Not Resuscitate. Let me state up front: this record will play like perfection to hardcore listeners. No gimmicks, no tricks, and especially none of the same cliché “hardcore” sounds infecting the scene today. This is an album meant to take back the scene and it comes ready to fight.

Most Precious Blood haven’t change their style of music one bit for Do Not Resuscitate. They keep the same strong, driving force of old school hardcore infused with punk throughout (and I wouldn’t have it any other way). As the album begins with “A Danger To Myself and Others,” any fan can tell that they are here to stake their claim back at the top of the hardcore/punk stack. The intensity doesn’t stop here though, as the closing moments of calm are quickly destroyed by the devastating second track, “Shut The Fuck Up, Jailbreak.” This track showcases the kind of raw talent that modern bands are failing to provide and that no computer can fake. As the album progresses, it will end on with “Do Not Resustitate” and leave us with an amazing hook. It’s these simple properties that we overlook that keep us wanting more.

For those looking to throw the f down at an MPB show near them, fear not, Do Not Resuscitate gives you ample opportunity to vent through dance. Near the end of “Stuart Is A Dead Man Walking” you will experience what a real breakdown should be and not the beefed up, tuned low “crabcore” breakdowns that we are exposed to now(you know, where you have to be as BR00T4L as possible, but maintain your swooped bangs?). MPB use short rhythmic breakdowns and layer them behind melodies that really bring out the quick pace of the album. It’s these dynamics that showcase why the band is so good at what they do. Don’t believe me? Listen to “Functional Autist” and try to not bask in the inviting bridge that nearly forces you to dance your heart out and destroy anybody standing nearby.

Another aspect of this record that must be mention is just how powerful and driving the rhythm section is throughout. Each song stands completely on its own, but flows seamlessly and without losing an ounce energy or angst. It’s constant in your face power until you get a moment to breathe with, “Of Shattered Ants That Swarm Together” which offers listeners a chance to truly cherish the musicianship of the band. However, as soon as you gather yourself and begin to feel refreshed, the intensity starts back up with “Animal Mother” and never slows again.

Hardcore has been looking for its calling and Most Precious Blood has readily provided the best answer possible. Personally, I’m glad that I had to wait almost five years for this release, it has blown everything out of the water and has exceeded every expectation that I had. The melodies are quick, the music is a continual driving force, and there are literally no dull moments. I think Terror and Title Fight need to hand over their “Stage-dive” title, because Most Precious Blood is here to take it back. Do Not Resuscitate is an unstoppable force. No matter how hard you try to stop it, all efforts are futile.

Score: 9/10
Review written by: Matt Haines

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