Win free tickets to Bledfest!

If you’re reading this only to find yourself thinking “What is Bledfest?”, don’t fret, chances are you aren’t the only one. Bledfest is a one day, multi-staged, mixed-genre show put together by Fusion Shows that takes place annually in Howell, Michigan. Although it still may be in it’s earlier years as a festival, Bledfest grows significantly year after year, and continues to add an impressive collection of big name bands from all over the genre map. Whether you’re into hardcore, pop-punk, metal, indie, or any combinations of alternate genres you can come up with, there will almost certainly be a band you’ll be stoked to see at Bledfest.

This year, Bledfest is giving you the chance to win a free ticket to the show, which is on May 28th, as they announce the line-up band by band, one day at a time. The BLEDFEST TWITTER PAGE will be hosting a different guessing game each day of February, so follow them to get quick access to the clues that they post. Detailed rules for how to respond to the clues without getting yourself disqualified are posted on the BLEDFEST FACEBOOK PAGE. If you’re not into the idea of spamming your Twitter followers with Bledfest tweets, but would still like to see who will be on this year’s line-up, the information will also be posted on the OFFICIAL BLEDFEST WEBESITE.

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