Review: The Sound Of Dubstep 2

Artist: The Ministry Of Sound/Various
Album: The Sound Of Dubstep 2
Genre: Dubstep/compilation
Label: Mos

The Ministry of Sound have released their dubstep compilation album for 2011, titled The Sound of Dubstep 2. This two-disc album is packed with over 40 tracks from big names including Magnetic Man, Nero, Skream, Digital Mystikz, Flux Pavilion, and Distance, as well as many others.

Overall, the album is superb; it clearly outlines the diverse aspirations of today’s leading dubstep artists, and after a few listens, the goals of the album become clear. The Sound of Dubstep 2 is a smorgasbord of different styles and voices that dominate today’s dubstep climate. If a one word description can be given to The Sound of Dubstep 2, it would have to be “diversity.” The fast, upbeat, and vocal-laden side of dub is manifest in tracks like Magnetic Man’s “I Need Air,” Rusko’s “Splash,” Nero’s “Innocence,” and several others, including remixes by Flux Pavilion, Doctor P, and Adam F, while the darker side is well represented in tracks like “Machine Gun,” remixed by 16bit, “Sandsnake,” remixed by Goth Trad, and “Swagga,” by Excision and Datsik. The Ministry even Mixes in the grime with titles like BAR9’s remix of “Kickstarts,” by Example, Borgore’s “Love,” and a massive ripper called “Talk To Frank” by MRK1 and Virus Syndicate.

The album flows from hardcore bangers, to subtle Drum & Bass jams, and back again with ease and seamlessness, making it a great album to “throw on” while doing homework or shoveling the driveway. The flow of the music wont distract, but there is still room for cranking it up at all the right moments.

Though the album plays wonderfully from beginning to end, several tracks stand ahead of the others in terms of innovation. One of the biggest tracks on the list is Adam F’s remix of the Afrojack and Eve Simon hit, “Take Over Control,” which is reminiscent of the club-friendly sounds usually present in a Magnetic Man set. This track really exemplifies what dubheadz are doing in the world of popular music today. “Smoke and Mirrors,” remixed by True Tiger, brings the filth, but displays the strong female vocals that contrast bass music so wonderfully. WTF and Dead Prez rip up a classic with “It’s Bigger Than Hip Hop UK,” that will pull at the heartstrings of old-skoolers, and Doctor P shows us he’s capable of anything with the uplifting “Star,” originally by Blame ft. Camilla Marie.

Generally speaking, there’s something in The Sound of Dubstep 2 for Dubheadz of any background. The biggest question headz always have is, “Yeah, but is it filthy enough?” Filth-mongers rejoice; this album brings the heat… but with over forty tracks, there’s adequate room for a breath or two. The slower stuff in the middle is well placed, and after all that grit it’s a good break-up of the pace, making the album play like a good live show… balanced. The album size and diverse sound makes it a great starting purchase for new dubstep listeners as well.

Since It can’t justifiably be narrowed down to a single artist, I’m rating this album on it’s listenability to fans and usefulness to DJs. Based on that, I give The Sound of Dubstep 2 nine shattered vertebrae out of ten. The diversity and volume of the material, combined with the artists present and the tracks selected make this an excellent CD to add to your ever-expanding collection.

Score: 9/10
Review written by: Jake Thomas White

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    I’ve just listened and I had to step outside a few times. So much energy and the drops and bass are epic. E P I C

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    i shat myself whilst listening to the first cd…and so did my cat. sorry benny