Review: Emmure – Speaker Of The Dead

Artist: Emmure
Album: Speaker Of The Dead
Genre: Hardcore
Label: Victory

There are few sayings that carry more weight in the music industry than, “You can’t please everyone.” So many artists, especially in the modern age where listeners seem to have music ADD, try and stretch their sound to appeal to a broader fan base, failing to realize that staying true to one’s self is something that never goes out of style. It’s not about fitting in with trends, it’s about creating something real that comes from the soul and isn’t afraid to be hated or discarded. Take for example New York heavyweights (and future free agents) Emmure. After an three full lengths, a ridiculously demanding tour schedule, and more shit talking than some bands ever experience, they’ve raised their middle fingers to the sky and delivered their strongest effort to date, Speaker Of The Dead.

Forget what you’ve read, heard, or seen, nothing can prepare you for the intensity and ferocity Emmure have in store with this release. Beginning with the soon-to-be pit inducing “Children Of Cybertron,” Emmure waste no time getting in the face of everyone that’s talked down to them in the past by chanting “You can’t fuck with us” over their dirtiest sounding tones to date. This intensity then pours into “Area 64-66” and “Dogs Get Put Down” before growing even more insane by the beginning of the album’s catchiest track, “Solar Flare Homicide.”

As we continue our grimy ascent up the hill of musical chaos, it’s apparent Emmure have grown fully into their sound with this release. Where the previous three release found the band consistently changing and branching out, Speaker plays more like a culmination of their musical travels with tracks resembling the best elements of each record. “Cries For Credo” brings the unrelenting brutality of Goodbye To The Gallows to mind while “Last Words To Rose” could easily be considered a sequel to The Respect Issue‘s “Chicago’s Finest.” Likewise, tracks like “A Voice From Below” and “Drug Dealer Friend” will most likely bring back memories of Felony. Now to some, this may seem redundant or like a band afraid to evolve, but in reality it plays more like a mad scientist’s latest creation than a culmination of attempts. While it may sound familiar, it’s all given a fresh coat of ridiculous heaviness and spit-shined to perfection that can only come from years of hard work and dedication.

After three full lengths and an EP die hards still talk about, Emmure make it clear with Speaker Of The Dead that they give zero shits what you have to say about them or their sound. Fans of Emmure, like myself, will praise this record for it’s more well-rounded sound and even higher level of ferocity, but anyone whose hated the band before might as well keep their cash in their pockets and their tongues held tightly behind their teeth. This isn’t a band looking for love and admiration, this is band looking to incite riots and, quite frankly, fuck shit up. All hail Emmure.

Score: 9/10
Review written by: James Shotwell

James Shotwell

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  • IndictmentfromHamburg

    good review. the first i’ve read that’s not written by any Emmure-Kid-hater

  • Anthony

    “All hail Emmure”


  • Anonymous

    CHUG CHUG CHUG < I just wrote an Emmure song…

  • GoRrRaTh

    i enjoy the emmure. ehhh the end