REVIEW: As Blood Runs Black – Instinct


Artist: As Blood Runs Black
Album: Instinct
Genre: Deathcore
Label: Mediaskare

It has been nearly five years since As Blood Runs Black burst onto the music scene with their debut album, Allegiance. Since then, the story of ABRB reads like the next reality show sensation with members changes (including the loss and eventual return of Drummer Lech), tour stories, and more chaos than any act with one release should endure. Now, armed with an almost entirely new lineup, ABRB have finally returned with their long-awaited and ridiculously heavy Sophomore album, Instinct.

For those unaware, this review has the inability to really compare this release to the previous effort(s) of As Blood Runs Black. Sure, the band’s sound is still primarily entrenched in deathcore, but everyone except the drummer wasn’t on the last release. That said, I don’t think anyone who loved Allegiance will have much trouble adjusting to the sound found on Instinct as it feels like, if anything, a progression for the genre as a whole.

“Triumph” welcomes us to the record with moments of hope and brutality before kicking things into high gear with “Legacy,” which has the capacity to melt faces (even on the first listen) with its relentless intensity. It’s this intense sound and feel that carries through and ties Instinct together. Even when the band expands their horizons, like adding a breathtaking guitar solo to “Resist,” there is always a since of sheer heaviness that refuses to take prisoners.

What truly stands out on Instinct however, is what you hear outside the heavy. Finding a band that can make this genre intense and intricate is a mind-numbingly easy task, but finding one with the ability to make something artistic out of all this chaos is rare. As Blood Runs Black have crafted a release that showcases not only where the deatchore genre has been, but where it should be going as well. Aside from the breakdowns, blast beats, and insanely quick tempos, Instinct also comes bulging with rock driven solos, hauntingly beautiful string arrangements, and lyrics that step beyond the typical talk of self-greatness, battle, brotherhood, and loose women.

For those who’ve waited half a decade with fingers crossed, have no fear, As Blood Runs Black are better than ever. Instinct is a testament to their longevity in this industry and sets the bar significantly higher for future releases in this genre. If you’ve never heard ABRB before now, WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU? Take the remaining time before Instinct hits streets and familiarize yourself with their first release, Allegiance, and discover what you’ve been missing!

Score: 9.5/10
Review written by: James Shotwell

James Shotwell

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  • Nick4761

    Nick, the bassist, was on Allegiance. Him and Lech are the 2 remaining members from the first album

  • He speaks the truth

  • release date?

  • red5dozer

    I have extremely high expectations for this album. I’ve been waiting at least 3 years for this album to come out.

  • Guest315

    March 15th, Broseidon

  • dan clark

    Their bass player nick was also on the allegiance

  • Dude

    Who the fuck really cares about the drummer or bassist?

  • Uskar


  • Can’t say I agree with you man. I think this album blows. Check out the review I wrote for Instinct on Wrecked, a new entertainment site run by regular guys like you.