School Boy Humor stranded, explain departure from Chase Coy tour

School Boy Humor‘s Phil Evans has updated his Tumblr regarding the band’s departure from Chase Coy’s Spring tour and why they’re currently stranded thousands of miles from home. Read the entire update below:

Chase Coy touring in support of his new album out this April, brought on the band School Boy Humor for a short stint which kicked off in Long Island last Wednesday. The band was put on a considerably early slot, though their draw was large and a big name on the bill. Difficulties escalated from day one when SBH played a cover of “California Love” which was a song they collaborated with artist Jeffree Star on. This rendition included some original lyrics from Jeffree which made use of the word “mother f*cker”, a word Chase Coy was not comfortable with being used on his tour.

Still during the set, Coy contacted management to inform them they were on a Christian tour and that language would not be deemed appropriate. At no time prior was the band informed they were on a Christian tour, Coy himself is known as an Indie recording artist, not a Christian one. From this point on, the tone was set that SBH was on thin ice, and sure enough three days later after a show in Freehold, NJ Coy decided to get School Boy Humor thrown off the tour. This was a show they had a huge draw at and were a major contributor to the tour. After the show, members Anthony Evans and Phil Evans were even performing acoustic songs for fans outside of their van. More trouble for the band erupted when bassist Ryan Bennett allowed a group of friends to hang out in their van. While I was a personal spectator and can assure that nothing illegal occurred in any shape or form with these girls, the Coy campaign accused the band of getting minors high, which came from no source but his own imagination. If this were true we would be dealing with angry mothers, not a self empowered Christian artist.

On both twitter and his facebook page Chase Coy stated School Boy Humor would not be on the rest of the tour, but it would continue to hit every city. An uproar of fans voiced their angry opinions at this sudden change with no certain cause. Allegedly Coy came up with the fabrication that SBH had experienced van trouble and were forced to drop out, which was not the case. Later that day all the comments of SBH fans in were deleted by Coy from his page. After having to miss the show in Allentown PA, March 6th because of the discrepancy SBH made their attempt to return to the tour today in Virginia. Their attempt was shut down not by Coy himself but through his management, which is the only way he seems to settle his affairs. School Boy Humor then arranged a free show and form of boycott from Chase Coy in front of a Chipotle next door where loyal fans came to support them in the feud. Since then the internet has been blowing off on either side in a battle of opinions and loyalties. Coy posted to his FB wall, “Don’t be so quick to judge when you don’t have all the facts.” Here ladies and gentlemen are the facts, judge them as you will.

School Boy Humor are from Arkansas, and are now stranded thousands of miles from home with no compensation from the tour.!/search/%40philsbh

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  • Riana

    I love this article, very well written. The SBH boys deserve to be touring and playing their music every night, that is all they are guilty of.

  • Amy

    I was at the Virginia show, and School Boy Humor were the nicest guys I’ve ever met and in no way inappropriate. Chase Coy, on the other hand, made digs about them on stage and acted like a pretentious a**hole. Truthfully, I had never heard of Chase until I bought the tickets for SBH. I was like, Chase who? SBH had more fans freezing in the parking lot for an acoustic show than Coy did inside the venue. I’m sure Jammin’ Java really appreciated Coy’s inflated ego costing them all the money they lost when SBH fans went and demanded refunds. Even the police were impressed with the members’ attitudes and willingness to cooperate.

  • briana rose

    well you see SBH isnt all inocent, they could tell their fans to stop making rude comments to Chase

  • Guest

    No one knows the real story as Chase doesn’t want to give the guys a bad name. Those who are close to the situation know the truth, and everyone else is learning a fabricated lie. It’s not the “Christian” thing that played a part in the language barrier, its a moral thing. I know for a fact that Chase would never claim a “Christian” background to his music. This story above is nothing but a seemingly truthful way to tell a lie. “HIS OWN IMAGINATION” was in fact not his imagination, but confirmed from a friend of said girls who had to transport them home due to their inability to drive (even though most of them are too young to drive anyway). With the SBH boys showing up to the show after the fact and threatening violence is just proof that they should not be on tour with artists who cater to a younger audience. They are hotheads and need to calm the f**k down.

    This personal account is biased. Chase only did what he deemed to be right as a result of what happened that night, and nothing else. His fans are of a younger audience, and it is certainly inappropriate for them to be taking part in illegal activities. People who are angered about this are either believing the wrong story, or making up their own. Being Christian has absolutely nothing to do with anything involved in this situation, and the author of this story obviously has something against people who believe in the Christian God and have morals as a result.

    SBH fans, and Chase Coy fans alike, need to just get over this whole situation. It’s over. Move on with your lives.