Facedown Records giving away sampler

Facedown Records is giving away a sampler for the upcoming Facedown Fest. This event is scheduled for April 8th and 9th at the Glasshouse in Pomona, California with such acts as A Plea For Purging, War Of Ages, For Today and many more. View the track list right here and download the sampler right here.

1. Gideon “Virtue”
2. Your Memorial “Surface”
3. My Epic “Lower Still”
4. Hope For Dying “Transcend”
5. For Today “Devastator”
6. Messengers “Anthems”
7. Onward To Olympas “The War Within Us”
8. War Of Ages “Collapse”
9. A Hope For Home “The Overman”
10. Call To Preserve “Empty Promises”
11. The Hands “Resistance”
12. Overcome “Alone In A Crowd”
13. A Plea For Purging “And Weep”
14. Take It Back “Defamator”
15. In The Midst Of Lions “The Machine”
16. Burial “Demons Never Sleep”
17. Saving Grace “All, But The Archer”

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