Alan Day releases statement about loss of FYS keyboardist

After news broke out that Four Year Strong keyboardist, Josh Lyford, is no longer a member of the band, rumors started to fly. Even though the statement released mentioned that there were no hard feelings between the members, fans continued to speculate that Lyford quit for some reason that wasn’t explained. Vocalist/guitarist Alan Day posted his side of the story. Check it out right here on UTG:

“Here’s my side of the Josh Lyford leaving the band story.

to clear up any confusion, josh did not quit the band. it seems like a lot of people might have thought thats what the statement we released had meant, but that is not the case. the band had been in a weird spot for a long time, with writing new material and all. everyone was very distant. things just didnt feel right. we felt that this decision would be the best for both josh and the rest of the band. its really hard to explain. but more than anything else, keyboards just didn’t seem to have a place in this band anymore. we’ve never really taken the instrument very seriously from the beginning, it always felt like we just had it there because we had josh and he was awesome and we needed something for him to do so that we could keep him around and enjoy his company. letting him go was extremely hard to do, but like i said, i think its for the best. and any FYS fans out there that are bummed by the situation, i do not blame you one bit, i am very very bummed as well. but i can assure you that FYS will continue on, and though there will inevitably always be a little something missing, the 4 of us will do everything we can to make sure it is not any less awesome. we will make sure the live show is still everything that everyone expects it to be, energetic, fast, heavy, loud, crazy, sexual, funny, hot, sweaty, etc. the core of Four Year Strong is still intact. and more importantly, the creative force behind the MUSIC and SONGWRITING of this band is still here. Dan and I have been working on new material for a while now, and we truly feel that it is the best music we have written. its not the same as it was on rise or die trying, and its not the same as is was on enemy of the world, but that is because we will never make the same record twice. we always want to further ourselves as musicians and songwriters, and we feel the new stuff has done exactly that. i assume that people are going to say this: “the new FYS record sucks because josh left the band”. well this will be wrong. first off ITS NOT GOING TO SUCK! second off, the main songwriters in the band hasnt changed since the day the band started. so anything that has changed over the years has been just me and dan being in a different place in our lives. thats that. anyone who has questions about anything that i’ve said, or anything i didnt say, feel free to ask on my twitter or my facebook, i’ll answer everything that i can.

josh will be greatly missed and i as well as the rest of the band wish him the best in everything he does in the future.


alan day.

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