Westboro Baptist Church protest at Less Than Jake Show

The Westboro Baptist Church, (Easily labeled the world’s most hated church, you know, those ‘God hates fags’ lunatics) showed up at a Less Than Jake show in Pensacola, Florida last night. However, they did not come to hang out because they dig LTJ’s music. The WBC picketed the show and preached their controversial lessons. The band was, to say the least, confused as to why they were targeted. Read the full story right here.

James Shotwell

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  • Not WBC, it’s actually a church based in Pensacola. They were also outside of the Senses Fail/The Ghost Inside show a couple of weeks ago. Me and my girlfriend went to eat downtown Saturday night and they also like to protest outside of local bars, it’s rather annoying but they don’t seem to be as radical as WBC from the signs I have seen.