IFF Boston: “Bellflower” stuns, captures the imagination


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There have been many films in recent years trying to cash-in on America’s addiction to bad relationships. I mean seriously, with over 50% of the population getting divorced, who really wants to see a bunch of happy people living their lives of togetherness? The answer it seems, is apparently no one.

Evan Glodell’s Bellflower is similar to those films in the sense that it revolves around a bad relationships, however, it unfolds like nothing you’ve ever seen.

Centered around Woodrow (Glodell) and his best friend Aidan (Tyler Dawson), Bellflower is a runaway train right from the beginning. Blending alcohol, sex, violence, and a love for fire, the film spirals in and out of reality while Woodrow deals with his feelings over a temptress named Milly while his friends try and help him maintain his sanity.

Personally, this has been the greatest film I’ve seen at SXSW. Glodell has concocted a truly explosive movie that pushes the viewer to the limit and refuses to let go until the final frames play out. This is not a movie for the warm hearted, nor those seeking renewed faith in romance. This is a movie for those who lost control when their heart was broken and the aftermath the followed.

I don’t want to give too much away, as the film works best for those completely unaware of whats about to pass, but I cannot urge you enough to see this film. Bellflower is a blur of life and lust at full throttle. Find a theater, better yet a festival, and support this film.

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