Want to be in a new City (Comma) State song?

City (Comma) State posted an opportunity for a fan to be featured on a new song. Check below for the lyrics in which you would be singing and the guidelines to applying.

FOR PC Users — If you have a mic built into your computer play track at low volume and record your voice the best you can.
For MAC users:
– Open garageband.
– Go to file > new.
– Choose the voice template or just a plain template depending on which version you have.
– If there isn’t an audio track already there for you to record go to track > new track
– Drag both versions of song to 1 on the edit window
– If you don’t have regular headphones you can use your ipod headphones if you have a laptop or an iMac.
– If you don’t have headphones you can follow the same steps but just record at a very low volume.
– Once headphones are plugged in the speakers should be cut out.
– To set the volume of your internal mic go to the apple symbol > system preferences > sound > input > and set level accordingly.
– Listen to the version with the voice and memorize.
– Once you have it down mute that track by clicking the speaker symbol
– There will be 8 clicks then start recording.

– Once finished recording solo your voice by clicking the headphone symbol on the track you recorded on.
– Go to share > export song to disk > label “I Never Wanted This” (your name), then click command D to put it on your desktop or save wherever you’d like and send!
Download with vox – http://www.mediafire.com/?36awynti5fvg08i
Without vox – http://www.mediafire.com/?9obwqzno40njf9y

Send all submissions to singforccs@gmail.com

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