UTG ROAD BLOG: Rocky Loves Emily (Week 1)


UTG has partnered with Tooth And Nail Records’ Rocky Loves Emily to bring you an exclusive weekly road blog from the group’s current run on the Spring Fling Party Tour with Joy Island, Freshman 15, and the After Party. Look below for our first update, written by Rocky Loves Emily guitarist Sean Kick. If you haven’t done so already, click here to purchase RLE’s debut EP, American Dream.

Hey, I’m Sean, and I play guitar in a band called Rocky Loves Emily. We are currently on the Spring Fling Party Tour with Joy Island, Freshman 15, and the After Party. We are only a week into the tour, and we have already covered a ton of the country. The tour began in Tulsa, Oklahoma, but since then we have been through Texas, Arkansas, Mississippi, and Georgia. We are all excited to get in the Florida sun tomorrow in Jacksonville, and hopefully hit the ocean in the next few days!

So far, we have seen some pretty amazing things on the road. We had an awesome to play a show at Six Flags over Texas in Arlington, Texas. The park also gave us Fast Pass wristbands so we could skip lines and ride all the roller coaters for free. That was pretty rad…well, for everyone except me… I am terrified of roller coasters. Believe me, everyone took the opportunity to rub it in. After our show in Arkansas, Rocky traveled to Cleveland, Mississippi to pick up Reed Bradford, an old friend who will be helping us out on this tour. Cleveland is in a region of Mississippi known as the river delta. The raddest thing, it was on the cross roads in the delta of Mississippi that Robert Johnson sold his soul to devil. Not sure if you’re into blues, but its a killer story. Today we had a super long drive from Mississippi to Atlanta, Georgia. We saw some crazy damage from the tornadoes in the area recently, along with some amazing waterfalls right on the side of the highway. You better believe I took some pictures!

So far the tour has been awesome. I wanna thank everyone that came out and hung out with us. Everyone is pumped that Freshman 15 was able to jump on the tour today. I am really looking forward to the next few weeks with these bands, and I can’t wait to meet everyone that is planning on coming out!

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