REVIEW: Vampires Everywhere! – Kiss The Sun Goodbye


Artist: Vampires Everywhere!
Album: Kiss The Sun Goodbye
Genre: Hard Rock
Label: Century Media

Let me start this by saying no, I will not be holding Vampires Everywhere!’s name against them during this review. I’ve read so much hate for this band based on a few promo images and their name that I wasn’t even sure I’d actually heard their music until a few weeks ago. Turns out, once you get past the image, there’s something great to be found. Too bad they’re so focused on an image because I feel that may be the one thing holding back their latest, Kiss The Sun Goodbye.

There is no beating around the bush here, I’m sure many of you have figured out why this band at least caught their label’s eye, if not the reason they were signed altogether – the “vampires” gimmick. They are, forgive my pun, everywhere, and cashing in with a band that plays a style of mallcore that also happens to be everywhere who has a name you cant ignore is something no business would pass up. However, what many of you may not have noticed yet is that this band is actually talented. I’m not claiming Kiss The Sun Goodbye is some history making album, but it serves it’s purpose damn well with crunchy guitars, giant hooks, and the occasional synth break that ensures late night dance parties. They are a scene kid manifesto in band form with even more dramatics than expected, how could they not sell?

Seriously though, I did enjoy this record. The old songs (“Bury Me Alive,” “Immortal Love,” “The Embrace”) rip better than ever and the new material shows growth and evolution (gasp!). They finally got rid of their autotune and actually managed to do so without sacrificing the role of clean vocals in their band. In fact, I think it’s the cleans that steal the album. We’ve all heard great screamers in image heavy bands, but finding a modern frontman that can pull off makeup and soaring hooks? Now that’s something worthy of admiration (doubt me? Watch live BVB footage).

Even though I enjoyed it, I’ll be the first to admit Kiss The Sun Goodbye isn’t for everyone. However, everyone SHOULD give it a moment of their time. Rarely in recent memory has an image heavy band made their way into the scene and been this talented. Give credit where credit is due and support people doing exactly what they set out to. You might not enjoy their music, but you gotta admire their spirit.

Score: 7.5/10

James Shotwell

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  • Cegomes826

    love this review i think everyone should give vampires everywhere! a try even if they arent really into the emo/scene thing

  • Mhnewborn

    I coundnt agreed more with this review, I have seen them play live and they rock the place down they show so much energy and have a good stage presence.Also I may add to this review is the fact that I see many other bands and good ones too that by the third song everything sounds the same not in the case of Vampires Everywhere is like from song to song is different I actually enjoy theri music very much but not so much the image. Now as far as the name goes there are many other band with freaking worst names than vampires Everywhere yet they are great bands Who cares much for the name is the music that counts. Just my two cents.

  • ScarletCrissaay

    Love the name, image, and music! I’m a vampire lover, and am emo myself, and I especially love the lead vocalist’s smile (Who’s name I have no idea). Their name isn’t even that bad, people thesedays see the word vampire thrown into something and they’ll automatically think of Twlight, which has ruined the Vampire image.  

  • Justinth414

    the lead singer is Michael Vampire 

  • Nickolas Krad

     a review that wasn,t posted by a hater, goodX) i fucking love this band