REVIEW: For The Fallen Dreams – Back Burner


Artist: For The Fallen Dreams
Album: Back Burner
Genre: Post-hardcore
Label: Rise

On their first album without founding member and principal composer Andrew Tkaczyk, Michigan’s For The Fallen Dreams waste no time proving they still have plenty to say. Back Burner comes packed with thunderous anthems, pounding drums, and a sense of rebirth that can’t be ignored. Out May 24, this album quickly proved to be something no one should ignore.

“Say What You Will” introduces us to the album, showcasing FTFD’s continue dedication to the heavier side of post-hardcore. Tom Denney’s production instantly makes the record attack the listener with surprising depth and enormity. For a band whose art has constantly carried the tone that something epic was happening (or about to), it’s great to finally hearing an album that carries a similar level of production.

If you aren’t completely sold by the time the hook of “Complicate The Situation” begins, you may need to check your pulse. This is the kind of song that excites people for the live show, featuring a blistering riff, giant chorus, and extra heavy breakdown. Similarly, I think “My Anthem-Like Symphony,” and “Fist Fight” may actually contain subliminal messaging programming everyone on how to properly two step and mosh. They’re tracks so heavy that those of the weaker variety may want to abandon the pit for because bodies will hit the floor.

Back Burner isn’t just about skull-crushing jams and breakdowns meant to incite metal riots though, there’s also lot of heart and evolved songwriting. “Only Unopened Arms,” “Dont Give Up, Don’t Give In,” and “Yellow” bring a much welcomed, slightly more mainstream feel to the band (think The Curse era Atreyu), but still stays well within their realm of sound. However, “Bottom Feeders” may be the track to catch the most off guard. Buried in the middle of the album, this is possibly the softest track the band has ever released. That’s not to say it’s bad, in fact it’s quite good, but don’t be surprised if it takes a few spins to settle with you.

Let me be honest, I’ve never been a huge For The Fallen Dreams fan, but Back Burner is something else. It may not be the most original record I’ve heard this year, but it is definitely one I couldn’t put down. If you want a record that finds that inexplicably perfect balance of heavy and heart, Back Burner is the album for you. The hooks are huge, the riffs may be even bigger, and the breakdowns will crush you. Don’t expect your life to be changed and you won’t be disappointed.

Score: 8.5/10
Review written by: James Shotwell

James Shotwell

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  • Theevanandrew

    Where did you get the entire album?

  • Sdfgh

     lmao, he reviews…duh

  • Theevanandrew

    Lmao, yeah cause their number one priority was express shipping a copy to Under the Gun review. This isn’t Rolling fucking Stone, it’s one website in a bucket with a thousand exactly like it and none of the others have reviews of this, so I was simply asking where he got the full release… duh.

  • Anonymous

    Fair question Evan, but I personally think were quite a bit different than the majority of sites in existence today.

    Anyways, to answer your question, we’ve built many strong relationships in the industry over the past 3.5 years and as a result receive earlier access to certain release than our competition. 

    I could ramble on about how we’re separating ourselves from the herd, doing what others won’t, and so on, but that’s not what you asked. You asked how we got it and the answer is simple: We busted our asses to build respect and recognition worthy of such access. We’re not Rolling Stone, hell, we’re not even Absolutepunk, but we’re trying.

    Thanks for reading the review and commenting. I’ll gladly answer any additional questions you may have.

  • Theevanandrew

    I appreciate the reply and apologize, I was just slightly livid from Mr. Sdfgh and meant no offense to you as the writer. Quite the contrary actually, props to you for obtaining the album so early and covering my favorite band.

  • dtrax

    This album is so stupid, im sure they we’re sitting there thinking “Hey! Lets add some clean vocals so more people will like us!!111” and the sad thing is im sure it will work. This really doesn’t even sound like the for the fallen dreams i love, the cleans sound like fucking a day to remember all the time and the screams aren’t nearly as good either.

  • Alchemyatthew

    rolling stonge is so fucking mainstream now they dont know whats good or bad anymore