New The Maine interview

Common Revolt recently sat down with Pat Kirch of The Maine to talk about the tour, old and new records, and more. You can read a snippet from the interview below, or check out the whole interview here.

Speaking of the next record, I know you’ve been playing a new song “My Heroine” live for quite some time. Were there any plans to put that on the next album — what are you plans for the next album?
I don’t know if that will be on the next release to be honest. We’ve written over 50 songs and have recorded a bunch of acoustic versions of the songs, and live recordings as well. Actually, as we speak, some of the guys in the background of the bus are working on some new stuff if you can hear it, haha. For us – I think, we want to stop being conservative about only writing and recording and then it’s time to record a record. We want to just keep recording new music, and then when it’s time for a new record, out of the 50 we have, we can just choose 10 that might fit on the new one. We may release one song here or there. One song will never be the same as the other. Ultimately we just want to write and record whenever we can.

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