Kevin Smith’s “Red State” may be released sooner than expected

If you haven’t been following Kevin Smith‘s film Red State, you need to catch up. The Clerks director has taken a turn for the world of horror with his latest flick and has rewritten the book on grassroots marketing in the process. Not only did Smith “buy” the film himself after premiering it at Sundance, he then took it on a theater-to-theater tour across the country himself, offering Q & A sessions following each screening. On top of that, he’s been documenting the entire process online through podcasts and blogs to inspire future filmmakers to do the same.

Today’s news on Red State is actually more of a rumor that we hope is true. Smith had originally promised the film would see nationwide release in October (coinciding with the 17th anniversary of Clerks), but a tweet to fans earlier today (see below) has lead us to believe it will be out sooner:

We will keep you updated on this story as it progresses. If you haven’t done so already, check out Smith’s internet radio station.

James Shotwell

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