Smashing Pumpkins reveal track-listing for ‘Oceania’

Smashing Pumpkins have finally unveiled their track-listing for the groups’ forthcoming 9th studio album, Oceania. The release is planned to drop later this year as a part of SP’s Teargarden By Kaleidyscope project. Billy Corgan has boldly stated his thoughts on this release as a whole that can be read below.

I still stand by my view that I don’t think albums are particularly relevant at this time. That may change. But as far as making music, from a writing point of view, it’s really going to focus me to put a group of songs together that are supposed to go together.

1. Pale Horse
2. Panopticon
3. The Chimera
4. Four Winds Chime
5. Glissandra
6. Inkless
7. My Love Is Winter
8. Special K
9. Pinwheels
10. Oceania
11. Violet Rays
12. Quasar

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  • Knjiga7

    awesome dude! by the way … “o” is not a song … “o” stands for “oceania”