Eyes Set to Kill to launch record label

Eyes Set To Kill are going through a rebirth. Finished of working with their old record company, the Phoenix quartet will independently release their fourth studio album White Lotus on August 9th through a joint venture between their management Maphia Entertainment and their newly-launched label, Forsee.

While fans are familiar with their trademark screamo resonance, White Lotus marks a new beginning as the effort will posses more of metal flavor and more singing.

“It’s a metaphor for our whole take on our future with a rebirth of our whole band and just having a clear mindset,” Alexia Rodriguez, vocalist and guitarist, explains. “Everything is a lot heavier. Even the songs that have all singing and not much screaming are still heavy. We’re making this what we feel like we ought to be.”

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  • More metal flavor and more singing will still be great. It will still be ESTK anyway.