Fan footage of Slipknot’s return

Slipknot finally made their return to the stage earlier today, June 17, in Athens, Greece. This was the group’s first live performance since the passing of bassist Paul Gray in 2010. The setlist (Seen below) covered the band’s catalog extensively and the group’s backdrop featured a tribute to Gray.

Below you can find the first fan footage to appear online from the gig, as well as the setlist. We are hoping to find better quality footage soon.

Set list:
01 — “(sic)”
02 — “Eyeless”
03 — “Wait And Bleed”
04 — “The Blister Exists”
05 — “Liberate”
06 — “Before I ”
07 — “Pulse Of The Maggots”
08 — “Disasterpiece”
09 — “Psychosocial”
10 — “The Heretic Anthem”
11 — “Duality”
12 — “Spit It Out”
13 — “People = Shit”
14 — “Surfacing”

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