REVIEW: Borgore – Delicious EP


Artist: Borgore
Album: Delicious EP
Genre: Dubstep
Label: Sumerian

Asaf Borger, better known as Borgore, has been very busy lately. He’s released an EP every three months since June of 2010, and his Buygore Label is also releasing for artists like Document One, Bare Noize and Point Blank. Historically, Borgore’s lyrics have been cutting and his basslines known for being saturated with sick, awesome filth. With his latest release, Delicious EP, Borgore succeeds at continuing to deliver quality filth at an impressive pace.

Borgore kicks off the EP with a relentless DnB – style banger called “Delicious.” With this track, he continues to tell-it-like-it-is. The beat kicks hard and doesn’t let up. The lyrics are glaringly honest, and characteristically sharp. He seems to have no problem with aiming for the balls, and he’s definitely calling out wannabe’s everywhere… It’s wickedly entertaining to anybody that doesn’t find themselves caught in his crosshairs. The transitions are smooth, and the melodies are brightly eclectic, it’s a good offset to the fierce, sub-dusting bass that drops so hard that it leaves you winded.

The next track, “Glory Hole,” dives right in with some bouncy 808’s and some chill hi-hats. With “Glory Hole,” Borgore proves that he still has plenty of smack-talk to dish up. This one has a familiar, almost sort of “Slim Shady” feel to it, until the gruesome bass drops in from outer space- then recovers quickly to set a comfortable groove. The timing on this drop is just impeccable. “Glory Hole” burns with the same intensity we’ve come to expect from Borgore, and the lyrics can’t help but produce a smile.

“Someone Else’s” establishes itself quickly. It’s well-balanced, and the lyrics are bold. It’s more melancholic than the rest of the tracks, and the vocals provided by Adi Ulmansky are an excellent fit.

The Document One remix of “Someone Else’s” is cavernous in depth when compared to the original. Its vast expanses are filled with shattering, gritty saws and monstrous, dominating bass leads. Like a train bearing down, the drop in this tune can be heard from a mile away, but it still seems to overtake your helpless vehicle of a brain-cage in a split second.

Even for being somewhat short, Delicious EP gives us exactly what we were expecting and hoping for: a handful of playlist-worthy tracks, and their instrumental versions, as an open invitation for further artistic expansion. It doesn’t shatter boundaries, by any means, but it is quality work. Borgore is turning them out fast and clearly working diligently to advance his label, as well his presence in the electronic music community.

Score: 6/10
Review written by Jake White

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