Casey Anthony found NOT GUILTY, musicians react


Casey Anthony, the twenty-five-year-old accused of murdering her two-year-old daughter in 2008, has been found NOT GUILTY on charges of murder, child abuse, and manslaughter and GUILTY on four counts of providing false information.

Considering this has been one of the most widely covered court cases in recent memory, tensions in and out of courtroom have been high as people continue to voice their personal opinion on the situation. We gathered some of the initial tweets from your favorite musicians and industry people on the topic and collected them below. If you see a tweet we may have missed, send it to @utgreview on Twitter!

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  • Anonymous

    I don’t care if the President himself whines about the outcome, there was no without a doubt evidence to say that she murdered her child. Don’t be pissed at the Defense, be pissed that the Prosecution failed to provide any solid evidence whatsoever. Sorry kids, this doesn’t prove that the American Court system is broken, it’s just proves that the Prosecution was a bunch of imbeciles who couldn’t do their jobs.

  • Dane

    Uhhh, there were quite a few ridiculously compelling points brought against the defendent. Just to name a few: prosecutors brought in experts in the arcane specialty of the smell of death to prove that an odor in the trunk of Casey Anthony’s car was that of human decomposition. Casey Anthony’s lawyers argued that the foul smell in Casey Anthony’s car trunk was from rotting garbage, not a rotting body. (Yeah, I totally put my garbage in my trunk too…?)An FBI hair and fiber analyst testified that a lone piece of hair in the trunk belonged to Caylee and showed post-mortem banding, what prosecutors said was proof that a dead body had been in the car.The prosecution also claimed that Casey Anthony used the family computer to visit a site on how to make chloroform 84 times.I don’t think you have a very good idea what you’re talking about, Corey.

  • Anonymous

    Actually, if you do some research, they couldn’t determine whether or not the hair in the trunk was from someone who was dead or alive. If you’re going to try and prove me wrong use evidence that’s relevant. And actually, I do put my garbage in the trunk. So, once again, unless you know without a shadow of a doubt that she did it, maybe you should keep to yourself.

  • Dane

    Evidence of a baby in a trunk, dead or a live, is a pretty substancial find.

  • Anonymous

    There’s hundreds of ways that hair could have gotten there. I’m not defending her; I’m simply saying that there’s no damning evidence to clearly say that she definitely murdered her child. Doubt, in any sense, means a verdict of Not Guilty. That’s Law 101 right there.

  • oh my god corey they can tell if the hair is dead or alive and the DNA of who its from. Its sad a 15 yearold summerschool student like me knows more than you. Dead hair under a microscope has rings around them. So unless u know what ur talking about like me and Dane u keep to urself

  • Anonymous

    They distinctly said they couldn’t tell if the source of the hair was dead or alive at the time that this hair was found… seriously, that takes like ten seconds to find out. Why bring it up again? And you don’t “know what ur talking about”. All you have is your baseless opinion.