Wil Francis promises new AIDEN in November, begins 3rd William Control album

Wil Francis has been taking a break from social media recently, but returned today with a slew of announcements sure to make his fans weak in the knees. Not only has Francis revealed that Aiden will release a new album in November (their second of 2011), but he has also revealed that he’s begun working on the third William Control record. Information on both of these release can be found below, as well as on Wil’s personal blog.


I know that it has been quite sometime since I have posted anything via website, FB or twitter….. but I must confess, disconnecting from the internet from time to time is a very good activity for me to partake in. Otherwise I am liable to lose what little mind I have left.

Where have I been? What have I been getting myself into?

Well….. I have been building a new studio to finish the upcoming Aiden record we are releasing this November, and to start recording a brand new William Control album, for which, the writing has already commenced.

So where does that leave us? Visit This Link to view the progress I’ve made on the new place. I am building this studio so that I can make music for you… The fans… You have been my inspiration over the years and I need a place closer to home to create something new and exciting for you listen to.

I need your help though…… There are a few things that I need to get this studio off the ground. I wont bore you will the specs (Mainly because it’s geeky tech talk and I am trying to maintain a little bit of street cred here, haha) but I am really close.

How can you help? You can hire me to play at your wedding. Or if that is too extravagant at this time….. I have added a few things to my merch store, please go take a look and see if there is an item that you fancy. Buy something for a friend! If I can sell what I have in stock that will get us up an running. I will add something Very Special to the first 50 people who place an order.

I’ve missed you all……. And thank you in advance….


Get ready for a whole new adventure…..

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