Kylesa pulls out of Thrice tour

Laura Pleasants, of Kylesa, has made it clear that the band has to pull out of the remaining dates with Thrice. One of her family members is extremely ill and this event has forced them to immediately return home. A statement from Laura, regarding the situation, can be viewed by looking below. Our best goes out to the whole crew.

Kylesa is a band comprised of individuals who love music. But we are also individuals who have families just like everyone else. I have to cancel the next few months to be with family due to the declining health of a loved one. I understand that canceling a tour not only affects the immediate band members and bands we play with but it also affects the fans, the promoters, the booking agencies, the venues, etc. That is, a lot of people are involved and a lot of people are affected. I thank all of these people for their support and understanding.

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