THE DROP: Free track from Superginger, new Lifecycle EP, UKF Bass Culture Album


The evolution of Under The Gun Review continues this week with the second installment of our latest feature, The Drop. Written weekly by resident basshead Jake White, The Drop is your go-to source for weekly electronic/dubstep/techno news!

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Whats cracking, Bassheads?

What do you say we start off this week’s bass fix with some freebies, hm?

  • Free Download: Superginger – For Norway (original mix)

[soundcloud url=”″]

Jakob Zetterberg, a.k.a. Superginger, is a dubstep/electro producer and DJ from Stockholm. He’s given away this track as a free DL in support of all those affected by the terrible tragedy that recently befell in Norway. In his own words:

I wanted to make a song for Norway after I heard about this catastrophy. I wrote the piano melody in purpose for a deep/chilled dubstep song, but after experimenting with some sounds I decided to make it this way. If you think this is inappropriate, it’s fine – but I did this just to show how much I care. No harm intended.

Give it a listen!

  • Free Stream: Oopart – Chad Vader

[soundcloud url=”″]

Dan Méndez is a highly legit producer from Paraquay. This is a fun one that he turned out this week. Show some love!


  • Free Stream: Sawgood – Not So Funny (Telmini Remix)

[soundcloud url=”″]

Telmini is a new French producer working with the labels Play me (too), Middle Finger Music, and Velcro City. This is a pretty sweet remix, and a good first impression of this fresh artist.


  • Free Stream: Nitin Sawhney – The Devil and Midnight (Engine-EarZ Experiment Remix)

This is a pretty wicked one that showed up on UKFDubstep this week. Heavy!


  • Free Download: Waeck – Cyborg VIP

[soundcloud url=”″]

This is a pretty fresh one off of Equal Records, hit the “Buy at Juno” button to obtain the free download. This kid is only 17, and he’s already killing it!


  • Free Download: Skorby – Los Angeles (original mix)

[soundcloud url=”″]

Another bomb from Middle Finger Music! grab the free download here.


Here’s some stuff you should consider blowing money on…


  • New Album: Lifecycle – Cpt. Bassline EP

[soundcloud url=”″]

Sick, filthy, grimy, dirty, four-track EP from MWM Recordings out of The Netherlands… The level of production on this track rivals the best in the business right now, I’m talking crispy-clean! Lifecycle puts down some innovative sound, so give it a fair shot and be on the lookout for more top-notch bass from Lifecycle in the future.

Buy the album now!


  • New Album: UKF Bass Culture

This is a MASSIVE album that most Bassheads will need to add to their collection. The 20-track, two disk CD can be ordered in all the usual places, like Amazon, and is very affordable for what it contains… which is this:

Disc: 1
1. Foreign Beggars (feat. Skrillex) – Still Gettin It
2. Cutline – Alive
3. Feed Me (feat. Tasha Baxter) – Strange Behaviour,
4. Dodge & Fuski – Aerophobia
5. Gemini – Elevate
6. Camo & Krooked (feat. Shaz Sparks) – All Fall Down
7. Excision & Datsik (Skism Remix) – Heavy Artillery
8. 16Bit
9. Engine-EarZ Experiment – They Live
10. Dubba Jonny – What Have You Got

Disc: 2
1. Chase & Status – Time (Wilkinson Remix)
2. Camo & Krooked – Breezeblock
3. Shockone (feat. Phetsta) – Crucify Me (Part 1)
4. DJ Fresh – Gatekeeper
5. Wilkinson – Everytime
6. Shameboy – Strobot (Netsky Remix)
7. Bcee & S.P.Y – Is Anybody Out There (Friction Remix)
8. Modestep – Feel Good (The Prototypes Remix)
9. Heavy1 – Xiphactinus (Lenzman Remix)
10. Fred V – Angry Jazzer

This guaranteed-to-be-ridiculously-awesome album comes out on August 1, so get your copy!


And that’s all we have this week, Bassheads. Thanks for getting your fix here, and I’ll see you next week!


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